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Hong Kong: new housing hell

Make Russia warm again! 13.04.2018 at 07:28

Make Russia warm again! -

Now sitting in the plane "Aeroflot", which is in 9 hours and 40 minutes have to take me to Moscow from Hong Kong. In Moscow, a small transplant, and again to the East in Krasnoyarsk. By the way, before I forget: in Krasnoyarsk on 14 April at 19:00 will be a small lecture on the urban environment. Admission is free, it remains only to find the place ). Details and entry here .

in the meantime, will tell you how is Hong Kong. Amazing, of course, the city. From one of the local new legs give way.

01. Found a sunglasses store with an incredible design. Just remember Yakutia.

02. Hong Kong may be:

03. Or so.

04. The city centre is incredibly photogenic. Want to go and shoot everything.

05. I always liked Hong Kong's neon signs, and then discovered that it wants to prohibit. I think this will cause a lot of damage.

06. Hong Kong is home to 7.4 million people. They live quite compactly, as most of the country is mountains and forests. People have not much land, so people live but of all the anthills.

07. The port of Hong Kong, which is in the Top 12 largest ports in the world by turnover and the Top-7 largest container ports. Near the Chinese city of Shenzhen. If you combine their infrastructure, get the biggest container port in the world (even more than Shanghai).

08. The Strait between Hong Kong island and the Kowloon Peninsula


10. In the evening on the pier people gather to watch the sunset.


12. Head up to raise does not make sense – still can't see anything.

13. If somewhere appears a bit of the sky, then it quickly closes overpass.

14. Bus

15. Trams


17. The people are always very disciplined standing in queues for transport. No kicking, everywhere smooth turn.

18. The taxi driver 4 phone, and all he manages to communicate. Learn!

19. Junction

20. One of the new areas? LOHAS Park on the Eastern outskirts of the city. There are built towers of variable height... an average of 60 floors!

21. The towers will be about a hundred (21.5 thousand apartments). They will live at least 58 000 people.

22. The developers of the city's sad looking at these pictures and consider lost profits. It could also 60 floors herachit!

23. The view from the window into the yard from the top floor

24. By the way, before the district was simply called Dream City. But then it was renamed the cacophonous to the Russian ear LOHAS is an acronym for "lifestyle of health and sustainability". Health and stability, okay?

25. The first 6 floors are non-residential. There's Parking and all public areas.

26. On the sixth floor there is a courtyard with landscaping and swimming pools. Everything in the resort.

27. Despite the fact that the house is new, Central air-conditioning is not here.

28. Yard

29. New homes continue to grow.

30. Soon there will be a new neighborhood.

31. Scary?

32. Would like to live here?

33. Transition

34. Every minute from the entrance moves the Shuttle to the nearest shopping center. The elevators are turn.

35. And Hong Kong is a pleasant city.


37. Ideal for those who like to live higher.

38. But I prefer Amsterdam.


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