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Rare on the support and development of the Sea of Thieves the latest news on games. 14.04.2018 at 14:09 ( - all about the world of computer games.

Studio Rare has announced the first details about its plans to support and develop a network of pirate adventures Sea of Thieves. During April, the authors intend to focus on the most important things which attract the users in their reviews. In may, the developers are planning to switch to the production of new content for the game. As for the plans on release of new content, the priority for the design are the components that allow players to better cooperate, encourage them to fight with other users and also enrich the world of the Sea of Thieves, add new elements to the mechanics, additional goals and rewards. Will be revised and the part dedicated to the adventure of "pirate legends". First update with new content called the Hungering Deep will appear in may and will offer a new source of risk, which will force teams to work together. In the update there will be a new item, the new item mechanics and unique rewards. Whether a new threat is a modified version of the Kraken, or something previously unknown, not specified. During the summer, for a Sea of Thieves is scheduled to release two more updates. Update Foresaken Shores you will learn in a "dangerous new part of the world", and Cursed Sails will add another source of danger (judging by the title "Cursed sails", it could be a Ghost ship) and another type of ship for players. Previously, users were repeatedly asked to add to the game the ship, designed for three people the Promise that the updates will continue to develop the mechanics and will offer new challenges and rewards attached. Sea of Thieves now available on Xbox One and Windows 10.