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Meeting with Governor of the Volgograd region Andrei Bocharov

Vladimir Putin had a working meeting with Governor of Volgograd region Andrei Bocharov. Discussed the flood situation and social work in the region.

the Head of state instructed the Governor to pay attention to the early restoration of infrastructure and the provision of targeted assistance to citizens whose property was damaged in the floods.

the President also noted that he will instruct to study the experience of the Volgograd region, created the Social code of the region.

* * *

Vladimir Putin: good afternoon, Andrey, a lot of questions.

as far As I know, you have an interesting and effective support system of people who need support from the state. Could You please tell us more about that.

still, I suggest you start with the situation with the floods: what is happening, what needs help, support?

A. Bocharov: Mr President, today on the territory of the Volgograd region on 4 August introduced a state of emergency.

what is the reason: the headwaters of the rivers that pass through the territory of the Volgograd region: first of all, dipper, Tersa, Buzuluk is that there has been a serious increase of flood waters from a half to three meters. It's quite serious.

We are at the end of March have adopted the mode of increased readiness of management bodies, 2 August made a decision on the introduction of high level management of all municipal entities and authorities, and on 4 August introduced a state of emergency. All this allowed, Mr President, to minimize the losses could be in the course of the flood.

Vladimir Putin: How many people live in this neighborhood?

A. Bocharov: about 360 thousand people.

currently, 12 municipalities, which were prone to flooding, water left in the six municipalities. From 81 settlements of the water remains at the present time in the 21 settlement.

Of 868 people were resettled from the inundation area remain evacuated currently 111, 27 of them are in temporary accommodation, including seven children. Everything needed is provided, all are in a constant area of our attention.

currently the flood situation has stabilized, and the trend is towards improvement. We began to Commission work on the survey of municipalities, settlements, farmsteads to determine the damage and possible aid to the people.

Vladimir Putin: we Need to look at the infrastructure, what to do to restore infrastructure and targeted assistance to people.

A. Bocharov: Mr President, recently, from Thursday to Friday, there is actually almost an emergency situation, critical in one of the settlements is Alexeevsky district, village Alekseevskaya, where there was a change of wind toward the dam.

we Have a dam 1.7 kilometers. It completely surrounds the town. A change of wind toward the dam, increase of wind gusts from 16 to 20 meters per second actually threatened almost the entire town.

Such floods in the Volgograd region has not been since 1964. Action taken: the night I had to take action, the forces and means deployed, and together with the residents, the employees of the Ministry of emergency situations, the authorities we managed to defend the town, and the water went into town.

In 1964 – then 80 percent of the settlement went under water. Really need to note the coordinated work, help people, residents who are directly involved, Cossacks, employees of law enforcement agencies, we were able to do it.

Now the situation has stabilized and is improving. Your task – it will fail, but, Mr President, I cannot thank You for your assistance to inhabitants of the Volgograd region during a fire in August–September of 2017.

I Want to tell You that the tasks You have set, currently completed: 26 families provided with housing certificates, some of them have already purchased, and part in the near future will receive housing.

Vladimir Putin: Good. Drive it to the end, but life poses new challenges, new problems arise, it is necessary to solve them. So I ask You also to take an active personal part in this work, to look primarily at what you need to do for people, in order to support them in a rather difficult situation in which they find themselves.

Let's take on the second question.

A. Bocharov: the Challenge that You put in the Message of 2018, is actually very important and very complex. One of the tasks, which, in my opinion, is the most complex is the continuation of the fight against poverty. This problem is multifactorial, multidimensional.

Today the measures of the questions are solved directly by Federal, regional structures, local self-government bodies. But the problem is actually quite large, and, as we the people say this problem we have to fight the whole world.

Today, of course, take measures for creating jobs, building plants, high-paying jobs. This is all absolutely correct, this needs to continue, we are working on it, and my colleagues are engaged.

But one of the important tools, in our opinion, is the state support people who find themselves in a difficult situation and difficult living conditions. Vladimir Putin, in 2014 in his address focused on social assistance directly to each person who needs it, it is for justice.

So what's the issue. In 2016, the Message is the same. Here we beginning in 2014 started to implement this approach. We fully studied the legislation of all our fellow subjects of the Russian Federation, studied the principle of the approach to solving this problem and figured out that, for example, we had about 150 laws that relate to helping people, about 40 by-laws. If it is present, it is a large table, a fully littered with documents. Not only a specialist it is difficult to understand, but difficult to understand ordinary citizen.

Then we're on the principles of targeting and means testing in 2015 has issued for public discussion of the issues related to the provision of social assistance to the people of such categories. On the basis of the public chamber we held hearings during the year. It is a question not one day, not one month, it is a complex process.

We invited at the same table representatives of the public, those people who directly receive the benefits, representatives of political parties, representatives of labour collectives and businessmen and discussed these issues.

In the course of this discussion, it was decided, and at the end of 2015, the regional Duma adopted the law on assistance. We called it "Social code of the Volgograd region" in which all 100-150 of the laws and regulations summarized in a single General system of assistance to almost direct action, where every citizen, a resident of Volgograd region, has the capability of independently examining it to understand where it fits and what can expect in terms of assistance from the state, being in a given situation.

To date, we have introduced and the criterion of need, and targeting, and equity issues. The question really is not easy, but as it turned out, he is effective. Yes, there were many discussions, disputes, especially in 2015-2016 and are continuing to dispute. We are making some adjustments. It is not a perfect law, but as a basis in order to be able, on the one hand, the experts to accomplish the task and people to understand what regulations, laws they can expect when receiving extra help. A very important question.

In fact, for the Volgograd region is a serious step in solving this problem. We knew the risks, but that public discussion of this law, this issue gives a very good opportunity for us to continue.

Vladimir Putin: Good, it will need to be explored. I will ask my colleagues in the Administration to see how positive practice with a view to its replication.

A. Bocharov: We, based on experience, planned in the course of this year to discuss a very serious matter that concerns every citizen of Russia and residents of the Volgograd region, is the issue of tariff. Because we're constantly having issues, why is the tariff increase, not decrease. This year we have received support including Parliament. On the basis of the public chamber we will also discuss this issue so that people understand how prices are formed. All gather at the same table, all were openly staring into each other's eyes: both the government and resursnyi, and people who receive certain services.

Vladimir Putin: I Agree, this is important. It will need to be explored.