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Meeting with the head of Federation of independent trade unions Mikhail Shmakov

Vladimir Putin had a working meeting with Chairman of the Federation of independent trade unions of Russia Mikhail Shmakov. They discussed the situation in the labour market and the implementation of labor laws.

Vladimir Putin: Mr Shmakov, trade unions a lot, a lot of tasks, problems. You know, that You probably raise up those that I consider most important. But today I would like to start with Your assessment of the situation on the labour market.

Mikhail Shmakov: the labor Market, of course, primarily depends on the development of the economy. So now there are unfavourable trends in the labour market: the number of enterprises, even regardless of the recent decisions of the sanctions is in dire Straits, reduce its staff and close.

In this sense, of course, inspires some optimism the recent decisions and statements, in particular, of the Government about what needs to invest more in the domestic economy, which should improve access to credit, because it is one of the key moments when the company is unable to refinance.

And, moreover, the course on increase of incomes of the population, of course, will promote the whole economic mechanism, and then to a greater extent earn small, medium enterprises and, most importantly, through the increased customer demand, we will be able to, of course, more good performance and the labour market.

Vladimir Putin: As unions assess the implementation of existing law, current legislation in this sphere to date?

Mikhail Shmakov: In General, it is performed actively. Of course, there are individual moments in individual enterprises, in some regions where the Labour code is broken.

Vladimir Putin: I'm saying that it was not unlawful dismissals to compensation paid and so on. In this area the current situation?

Mikhail Shmakov: with regard to the payment of wages in enterprises that have undergone bankruptcy – then we have gaps in our legislation. Because the payment of wages in case of bankruptcy is not in second place for payments, and sometimes moves to the later stage.

So many people – thousands, tens of thousands of people – from those of bankrupt businesses over the years can not get the wage they previously earned and which, nevertheless, has not been paid.

of Course, the Labour code is a living document, it certainly should be adjusted depending on the real situation.

Vladimir Putin: Here is the sequence we have said, in principle we need to consider with the Government to talk with your experts more time to consult, look at this sequence. Because in this case the rights of people who are in a difficult position is not their fault, of course, must be provided.

Mikhail Shmakov: Yes, of course.

moreover, we talked, and a certain movement in this direction has to do all salaries are paid before taxes. We can even energy the tax authorities to direct on that and they were interested in the fact that the wages were paid.

Otherwise they don't get it in enterprises where there are difficulties with funds. Such enterprises, of course, in the total number of the minority, however sometimes tax their taxes, who owed the company, relieve by your authority and other tools that they have, and the wages remains all the time in outstanding condition.

This is a very important point that we should improve and we should clearly prescribe in law. We have been working with the Council, working with the Government.

Vladimir Putin: Good.