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Working meeting with Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin

The Mayor briefed the President on the socioeconomic situation in the Metropolitan area. Among other things, discussed the prospects of development of transport infrastructure of the city, support small and medium businesses, and scientific organizations and high-tech enterprises in the capital.

Vladimir Putin: Mr Sobyanin, the importance of Moscow for Russia is clear. We are not going to do now lyrics, let's talk about specific cases, talk about the development of the metropolis, the challenges it faces.

as the positive aspects can be noted and financial condition. It is clear that it is not only a large number of residents who are registered in the capital but also in how we do things in this area, because it is not so important amount of money, as important as dispose of them.

overall, your team is professional, security is very high. The lowest unemployment in the country, it must also be noted. GRP growth is higher than the national average. Investment in fixed capital is higher than the national average. And it's all positive.

But there are chronic problems, which You also know very well. This workload of the road network is the need for more precise regulation of migratory flows. There are other issues that we have discussed.

There are large projects that You carry out, including the development of the transport network. The development of metro, most recently, another station was commissioned; a ring road, we commissioned a new road that we walk on modern trains, which additionally unloaded the metropolis. A lot of other projects that are "on the March" is called.

Let's take all this and talk.

Sergei Sobyanin: Mr Putin, we talked about the fact that Moscow is gradually recovering from the crisis, assuming a steady dynamics of development. The past year has shown that we have a positive dynamics of all indicators, without exception. Investments and turnover, and wage growth, and the growth of industrial production.

You Rightly noted that we invest serious money in infrastructure development, solving one of the main problems is the connectivity of the city with transport links. You once attended, helped start the Moscow Central ring, in fact overground. Now we have started the construction of a large underground ring, and the first segment of this ring – from the city to Dinamo – we launched this year, will continue annually to run the segments. Almost all sites of the ring work is either already in the earth are harvesters and create tunnels for the subway or stations are built or under development. That is, all areas in. Thus, for four, maximum five years, the ring will close and we will have two new big rings that will form the basis of a "heavy", the main thoroughfare of the transport infrastructure of the city.

Accordingly, investing in the development of roads, development of commuter rail and subway, we receive a response from investors. If you see marked in red, is a public investment mainly in transport and, of course, in the social infrastructure – schools, hospitals, housing. In response, we have a rather more dynamic private investment. Thus, investments into fixed capital in 2010 in comparable prices increased by 176 percent, that is, from 700 [billion] to almost two trillion rubles. And this investment in the different sectors: in manufacturing, in science and in the innovative economy, the automotive industry and so on. That is, there are no hypertrophied segment, all uniformly on all structures.

this is evidenced by what is happening lately on the dynamics of development. All major sectors we see just over a year that this growth – from 113 to 162 percent. This production of manufacturing industries, trading and manufacturing, office furniture, the most diverse rail.

apart from the fact that we are increasing production, we can say that Yes, we are filling a void, which we released with import but in addition to the completion of the internal market, this sector began to work actively for export. Two years dynamics of export and non-oil, it is mainly the manufacturing sector, science and information technology – the growth was 31 percent. This impressive dynamics.

largely contributed to this, as You rightly said, the development of small and medium entrepreneurship, what we talked about at the last State Council. It gives additional budget revenues and the development of innovative economy.

You remember, in 2013, You have put serious challenges for the development and support of small and medium-sized businesses. Let's see what are the dynamics of public auction, which was attended by small and medium businesses. We started with four percent. Four percent was the share of small and medium-sized businesses in public procurement in 2010, and it is neither good, nor bad was to 2013. Then there was the leap, and see what performance we got out – almost a third of the state order today get small and medium businesses. And he, of course, creates new economy and export flows, and so forth, and this is a serious increase to the budget.

For small and medium businesses. Increases not only the participation of small and medium-sized businesses in state procurement, but we see that increasing the number of enterprises of small and medium-sized businesses in three years it grew by 22 percent. And we see that it's not just "dead," a formal number. The volume of lending suggests that the business is actively developing, attracting investment for its development and, accordingly, gives the city the growth. In just one year, 2017, 26 percent of revenue in the budget. You are constantly saying that small business growth must be accompanied, respectively, and the economic development of the regions. Here is a good example of what gives a serious boost. Is Moscow really serious figures.

in Parallel with the small and medium business is actively developing tourism. Despite all the sanctions, restraints and rigid attitude, sometimes biased, to our country, however we see that even foreign tourism in recent years has grown by 40 percent, and domestic tourism has grown by 80. In 2010 we were in the city of 12.8 million tourists last year – 21 million.

Accordingly, the economy grew, revenues to the economy of the city is from 200 to 700 billion rubles. This is a huge sector of the economy. This hotel, it services, and trade, and so on and so forth, and a good increase to the budget. That is the money that we have invested in infrastructure, landscaping, parks, squares, streets, began to return a direct expense in the budget due to turnover, increasing the number of tourists, their purchasing power and so on.

Mr President, small and medium business gave a strong impetus to the development of innovative economy. In the city during this time, 33 industrial Park, which employs thousands of small and medium innovative enterprises. Registered 39 industrial complexes, which basically also have the innovative development.

We started to watch how innovative the business is located in Moscow, and by whom, what companies are presented. In General, it is believed that we have one large industrial Park, several small parks, there are private institutions, and it is difficult even to imagine the whole innovation picture in Moscow. When we have gathered together all this information, starting with industrial parks, high-tech IT companies, business incubators, institutes, academic institutes, it turned out that the whole of Moscow, all Moscow map, completely covered with objects of innovation infrastructure.

Vladimir Putin: Including children's parks?

Sergei Sobyanin: Yes. But what's the problem: they are now working extremely fragmented. There is a Federal property, a regional property, private property, there are academic institutions, there are industrial, production, industry institutes and so on. Many don't even know anything about each other.

What is the idea (we discussed this with the Ministry of industry): to create scientific production cluster. So that he made a single integrator of all this infrastructure to help find each other, to create a single information system, so we can understand what help they need, what forms that help to create an overall synergy of this enormous potential. This is one of the largest clusters in the world by their power, capacity, number of mines, the number of scientists who work there.

So we want to contact You, to prepare a decree on the establishment of such a scientific and production cluster to combine these disparate structures in order to create synergy for the development of scientific and production potential of the city of Moscow.

Vladimir Putin: one simply has to consider that the implementation of the proposed ideas are interesting, of course – in any case, no one interfered, his hands not bound, and only helped all participants of this wonderful process.

Sergei Sobyanin: the idea was to help them develop and Express themselves, to create a platform where they could Express themselves, to attract investment and interact with each other.