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The rustling of papers, under the crunch of cookies

Zadolba!whether 14.04.2018 at 05:48

Angry look on the other side of the counter

I read With interest the story of a lawyer working with the new chiefs-tyrants.

Indeed, a lot of personality! Just think...

— the Wicked tyrants, made against natural human needs — to eat TWICE a HOUR! Indeed, is it possible to create such inhuman working conditions. For half an hour and would kill you on the job.

— Despots banned in workplaces coffee stains and crumbs. Why? After all, the staff was neat as jewelers, and never, ever, ever spotless, there are no crumbs do not fall on the desired paper.

— the Dictators are not allowed to keep it computers electric kettles! But all have long understood that safety at the heating equipment is "just a piece of paper", and their wonderful office will never happen no circuit.

— And most importantly, they do not have to spend money on premiums, in addition to the already existing one! And spent on comfortable furniture and a good technique. That is because the followers of Stalin and Hitler combined, how can you-...

— And here's the crunch cookies 8 hours a day, of course, to annoy anyone can not by definition. Nobody. And coffee no one squishes up the whole office. And who is irritating, let the nerves heal.

I think here we must not treat the nerves, and severe glucose and coffee addiction. If the employee is unable to work until his jaw is already not normal. And because I do not particularly believe in the success of that office. Not all the author is saying. I would love to hear the opposite view: what, in reality saw a new boss when it's this hotbed of familiarity.