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Review of the film "Rempeydzh" Reviews 14.04.2018 at 11:59

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"the Rock" Dwayne Jones to cope with a riot of giant animals: a new attraction from Director brad Peyton.

"Rempeydzh" based on the popular 80's computer arcade, where players were presented a rare opportunity to try on the mask of the monsters, destroying everything in its path. The film directed by Brad Peyton with similar stuff works for the first time. Involuntarily you catch yourself thinking that somewhere during the installation process, I accidentally combined two previous works of the author: the sequel to "Travel" and "Fault San Andreas". With a heap binding effects there moved and predictable mediocre "Rock" Dwayne Jones.

movie Trailer "Rempeydzh"

To the charismatic ex-wrestler who once again saves the world, issues, however, does not arise. You can not say, alas, about Jeffrey Dean Morgan. "Rampage" he got the role of a government agent named Russell. However, every time it appeared the hero, it seems that Morgan's going to get a baseball bat and he will start to destroy the city. One gets the impression that the actor forgot to remind you which set it is, the result of which he embarrassed himself copies of "the Walking dead".

of Course, the works of this genre would be foolish to expect Oscar-winning acting and complex dramatic collisions. "Rempeydzh" offers no new ideas or unexpected twisted twist. The script is tailored on a traditional pattern: the evil Corporation, which in pursuit of profit have developed a new genetic virus, mutated animals, growing to gigantic proportions right before our eyes, and, of course, the lone hero, able to stop all this chaos.

the Fragment from the film "Rempeydzh"

This picture is unlikely to take its rightful place between "king Kong" and "Pacific Rubezh", but the sense of humor of the authors is fully capable to brighten up the view (certain abilities gestures gorilla George certainly cause a wave of memes on the Internet).

Answering the main question of any viewer, whether to go to this movie, come to the conclusion that still stands. If the film works, it is only as an attraction. No blaring speakers, big screen and a bucket of popcorn destructive "Rampage" immediately deflates to a modest size not too original passage of the disaster movie we have seen.