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The advertised program 71-th Cannes film festival Movie news 12.04.2018 at 14:51

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In the Cannes competition - new films by Godard, Garrone, Pawlikowska, Asghar Farhadi, Jia zhangke and spike Lee, as well as the most famous "house of captives" - Serebrennikov and Panahi.

the Cannes film festival, which this year will take place the 71th time from 8 th to 19 th may, announced its official program. In the competition - eighteen paintings, eighteen of Director names. It is gratifying that among them - and our Kirill Serebrennikov; but it is bad, what about his "Summer" will speak not only of the creative component. However, the Iranian prisoner Jafar Panahi - also in the program, and if you win, you will become one of the few Directors who obeyed the Great Festival Helmet: gold, Venice and Berlin he already has.

so here are the new contenders for the "Palme d'or" in alphabetical order:

— Stephane Brize: "At war,"

— Matteo Garrone: "Dogman",

— Jean-Luc Godard: "speech",

, Hirokazu Koreeda: "Shop thief",

— Nadine Lightweight: "Capernaum",

— spike Lee: "Black all kinds of things over",

— David Robert Mitchell: "Under silver lake",

— Christophe honoré: "Pleasure, love and running,"

— Pavel pavlikovski: Cold war,

— Jafar Panahi: "Three persons,"

— Alice, Rohrwacher: "Lazarus",

— Kirill Serebrennikov: "Summer",

, Asghar Farhadi: "All we know"

— Ryusuke Hamaguchi: "Asako 1 & 2"

— Eva Husson: "Girls of the sun"

— Jia zhangke: "Ash is the most pure white",

— Lee Chang-Dong: "Burning",

— Hey. Bi. Souki: "Yomeddine".

it is curious That in which-ever in the Cannes competition there are those who are already it has ever won. Expected, as many thought, in Cannes the winners of the past years Nuri bilge Ceylan, Abdelatif Keshish, Mike Leigh, Terrence Malick, Jacques Audiard with new their works either did not - or, what also happens, is not approached (not to mention Lars von Trier). But here's Apichatpong Weerasethakul (anthology "10 years in Thailand") and WIM Wenders ("the Pope Francis. A man of my word") was included in the programme of special shows.

will Add to this four facts and one assumption:

- the Chairman of the Grand jury this year appointed actress cate Blanchett,

- the festival will host the world premiere of "Han Solo",

- "Cinéfondation" (as it became known yesterday) got a 28-minute work of Igor Poplaukhin Calendar, representing the Moscow school of new cinema,

- the basis of the official Cannes poster based on a scene from hodorovskaya "Mad Pierrot"; when Juliette Binoche was once at the same time and on the poster, and in the competitive film, it was a deserved reward – a's 87-year-old Godard has, at last, a chance?..