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Here is the number

Blog Yandex 13.04.2018 at 13:55

Blog Yandex

Phone Rings, the screen unknown number. You pick it up, and a cheerful voice offers to take a loan to connect to the Internet from a new provider, take the survey or go to a cosmetic procedure. Sometimes people call, and sometimes robots that can't even fight. To counter the spammers hard: the calls coming from different numbers, so that "blacklist" the phone is practically useless.

Now in our Guide — about five million Russian organizations. The database is regularly supplemented and updated.

We have taught mobile application Yandex to determine who owns the number from which you are calling. If it call from the organization that is in the database Yandex.Directory — say, from a Bank — you will see on the screen the name and scope of activities. If room is not listed, the application will try to recognize the purpose of the call, for example, will say "well, it Probably is".

on the Left — a call from an organization that is in the book. The right call from an unknown number

to Build a guess on the purpose of the call help user reviews. Feedback can be left in the app — it shows a list of recent conversations or in the Yandex search: enter the number and you will be asked to tell us who he called.

in addition to the reviews, took into account additional data: for example, the duration of conversations — people do not usually lead to spammers long talks and frequency of calls from a particular number.

caller ID available in the Yandex app for Android. It can be enabled or disabled in the program settings. Read more about how pattern recognition technology the purpose of the call, read the blog of Yandex on "Habrahabr".

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