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The poet and songwriter David Lynch: from "Mysteries of love" to "Headless chickens"

Radio Liberty 14.04.2018 at 20:30

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Headliner sixty-fourth and sixty-fifth editions of the "Music for Freedom" – the famous American filmmaker David Lynch, a lot of fruitful work in various genres. Rock critic Artemy Troitsky says on the soundtracks to the films of Lynch, about the music he wrote himself and the songs that he composed texts. The first film of Lynch, published in 1977, called "eraserhead" (I would translate more as "Erase head", because there is a term in magnetosomes analog). The music for this film, which was very unusual and made a deep impression on his contemporaries, Lynch wrote with Peter Iverson. It is believed that thus was born a new style called "Industiral ambient" or "dark ambient". Was there one song, which I now present to you: "dark ambient" has absolutely no radio broadcast format, it is extremely monotonous music, but a song you can listen to, because it is very concise, 1 minute 35 seconds, is called "In heaven" or "Paradise." The soundtrack of this film, incidentally, was much later, in 1982, five years after the premiere of the picture. Still the movie, and its soundtrack remains a cult works. Lynch then made two little-known film The Elephant Man and Dune, and then finally manifested itself in full force in 1986 came the film Blue Velvet, which defined the signature surrealistic and mysterious style of the Director's works. Movie trailer David Lynch's "Blue velvet" In this film, first heard the music of Angelo Badalamenti, one of the most famous American authors of film music, a friend and colleague of Lynch. Listen from the movie Blue Velvet song takes Julie Cruz, the Muse of David Lynch – the text of Lynch, Badalamenti music, "Secrets of love". Cooperation Angelo Badalamenti and David Lynch is still ongoing, for more than 30 years. One of the most famous of their joint works – Silencio. It is very characteristic, dark velvet piece of perhaps the most famous and award-winning film by David Lynch, "Mulholland drive" in 2001. By this time Lynch was fond of music so much that he began himself to compose, not only to produce and not only to write texts. Moreover, began to write music, inspired by a laboratory Studio work. In the same 2001 with "Mulholland drive", has published the first solo album by David Lynch called BlueBob. He recorded it with producer, keyboardist, sound engineer John Neff. Here's the text of the "Mountain falling", which was included in the soundtrack of "Mulholland drive". Lynch continued to produce other artists, and completely outside the cinematic context. In particular, he produced the album already mentioned Julie Cruz, and then found he and another singer, younger, named Christa bell. With Krista bell, he recorded the vocals for the songs in the movie Inland Empire, and produced an entire album for her in 2011, titled This Train, "This train". This work, in any movies not included, they are nevertheless very characteristic of the style of David Lynch – whole music atmosphere shimmering, mysterious, dark and slightly threatening. Is this album like a fun dance song Swing with Me. Recently got a new joint work of David Lynch with Krista bell mini-album, ipishka called Somewhere in the Nowhere, but unfortunately my hands before she came. The Lynch also released two great solo albums, one is called Crazy Clown Time (2011), another The Big Dream (2013). Again, typical Lynch style, which he, incidentally, is called "industrial Blues". In fact, something there is, from industrial music, as Lynch often uses in his sound collages "concrete" sounds – all kinds of industrial, transport, natural and other noises, but the Blues is just his favorite music. From the album Crazy Clown Time – song I Know. The newest new from David Lynch's revival of the television series "twin Peaks". The first and second seasons was released in 1990-1991, and that's a quarter of a century later, the continuation of the cult of the project, a well-known, and spawned a lot of imitators. Lynch not only launched series, triassiale first series and giving future work farmed out to his assistants, but removed all the episodes from beginning to end. To remember what "twin Peaks", the television masterpiece of surrealism, let's hear it written by Angelo Badalamenti the theme of "twin Peaks", which were in old seasons, and there was, of course, in the new season too. In the latest "twin Peaks" sounds like the music of Badalamenti, and the music of other composers, used some old records. In particular, in 1992, when David Lynch filmed Fire Walk With Me (it's like a prequel to "twin Peaks", but not a TV movie, but a normal feature film, which was shown on the big screen), he created the duet with Badalamenti, and they called themselves Thought Gang ("Mental gang"), writing some music, not all of which made it into the film. In particular, it relates to the play "Headless chickens", as used in the new season of "twin peaks". What kind of mad happiness, Gagging funnel throat, hooting to race With its head torn off, – a poem by Andrei Voznesensky remembered, acquainted with the song "Headless chickens". In the work on the soundtrack for the new season of "twin Peaks" was attended by several guest musicians, some of them quite famous. There's a roadside tavern, a tavern with a sign Bang Bang, which regularly make all sorts of artists. Usually it's just favorite musicians by David Lynch, which he called that they earned themselves, and the old man was pleased and beautified the film. In particular, the singing Mexican-americansa diva from California Rebekah Del Rio. Gesnya in her performance, Llorando, sounded in the movie "Mullholand drive" and "twin Peaks," she sings a song No Stars. During the filming of the movie was created by a group called Trouble, chief Alex Zhang Huntai, the leader of the band Dirty Beaches, a wonderful musician and vocalist from Canada. Also plays a in Trouble son Riley Lynch. Now play "Snake eyes" Snake Eyes. In filming the series was attended by some very "stellar" musicians, in particular, Trent Reznor and his band Nine Inch Nails. Lynch has repeatedly confessed his love for this team that in General it is not surprising, since that world leaders style of industrial-rock. All industrial, Lynch close. Nine Inch Nails was involved in "twin Peaks" with the song She's Gone Away, which was released almost simultaneously with the series in December 2016, on ipishka Not the Actual Events. Thanks to David Lynch for our happy old age! Playlist of the programme "Music for Freedom" (issue 64): 1. Feist (Canada). I'm not Running Away, LP Pleasure 2. Headland (Australia). Head and Bottle, LP True Flowers from this Painted World 3. Omar Souleyman (Syria). Mawal jamar, LP Wenu wenu 4. David Lynch & Peter Ivers (USA). In heaven, LP Eraserhead 5. Julee Cruise & Angelo Badalamenti (USA). Mysteries of Love, LP, Blue Velvet 6. Angelo Badalamenti & David Lynch (USA). Silencio, LP Mulholland Drive 7. David Lynch & John Neff (USA). Mountains Falling, LP Blue 8 Bob. Chrysta Bell & David Lynch (USA). Swing with me LP This Train 9. David Lynch (USA). I Know, Crazy Clown Time LP 10. Lia Sophia (Brazil). Amor de promoçao, LP Lia Sophia 11. Richard Dawson (UK). Scientist, Peasant LP 12. Gaye Su Akyol (Turkey). Dünya kaleska, LP Hologram imparatorlugu the Playlist of the programme "Music for Freedom" (issue 65): 1. Aquaserge (France). Tintin on est bien, mon Loulou, LP Laisse Ça Etre 2. Alexandra Scotti (Brazil). Chuva de prata gal LP Redescobrindo 3. Holger Mertin, Marco Rieder, Michael Koko Eberli (Germany). Upper Class Massage, The LP is not Required for Project 4. Angelo Badalamenti (USA). Twin Peaks Theme, Twin Peaks LP 5. Thought Gang (USA). Headless Chicken, LP Twin Peaks: Limited Event Series 6 Soundtrack. Rebekah Del Rio (Mexico/USA). No Stars, LP Twin Peaks: Limited Event Series 7 Soundtrack. Trouble (USA). Snake Eyes, LP Twin Peaks: Limited Event Series Soundtrack 8. Nine Inch Nails (USA). She's Gone Away, LP Twin Peaks: Limited Event Series Soundtrack 9. Vieux Farka Toure (Mali). Nature, LP Samba 10. Martha & The Muffins (Canada). What People Do for Fun, LP Where Blue Meets Green 11. H. Hawkline (UK). Everybody's on the Line, LP In the Pink of Condition 12. Mr. Mitch (UK). Pleasure, LP between the devout