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The Ministry of construction has found a way to save on fees otoplenie

Legal advice 13.04.2018 at 13:51

Legal advice


has developed a draft government resolution, which will allow

consumers pay to heat their own apartments in the

indicators of individual meters, the press service of the


If the house is equipped with individual devices

, accounting for at least 50% of apartments have special distributors,

home can go to a combined payment of heat. The owners will

to pay or taking into account personal consumption, or according to a special formula.


experience with the installation of communal climate control or

individual heat point saving of the whole house on the PCB for heat

is about 40% - said Deputy Minister of construction and

housing and communal services of the Russian Federation Andrey Chibis. But

each of us is accustomed to its temperature regime. Someone is ready

to pay more that the apartment was 30°C, and some fairly