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"Galiev is the tip of the iceberg". Analysis of the final match of the first

News of the KHL 15.04.2018 at 13:00

Pace CSKA, the return of Jiri Cleaver, a strategy Zinetula Bilyaletdinov, the secret Stanislav Galiev – permanent expert Alexey badjukov examines the match of the Gagarin Cup finals.

In Kazan started the main series of the season – "AK the leopard" and CSKA met in a battle for the Gagarin Cup. In the first match citizens of Kazan have won with the account 2:1, take into account Stanislav Galiev. Television expert, a former famous striker Alexei Badyukov hot on the heels dismantled for the starting match of the finals.

a Holiday in Kazan, and the benefit Galiev. "AK bars" took a 1-0 lead in the series with CSKA

Photoblog: 14.04.18. The CHL season 2017/18. The final. "AK bars" (Kazan) - CSKA (Moscow)


- "AK bars" played in the first match as it should have been. We saw washers, abandoned in most, and it is natural for both teams. CSKA simply did not get the opportunity to play in numerical advantage, and now no goals in the most performed the first match of every series in the current playoffs. This may indicate the mood: in the opening match of the round, the opponents always play very tight and quite constrained. "Soldiers" showed the right pace – very fast, this rate has remained with them after the battle with St. Petersburg. "AK Bars" in the course of the meeting had to adjust to the pace, and in the wards of Zinetula of Bilyaletdinov did it.

CSKA did not have enough performers that have implemented would have created the moments. Not enough and a more open game because the "AK bars" acted strictly. And still – no luck. Washer were delivered to Piglet, and had chances to score the same goals like in the series against SKA. Generally, after this match it became clear that both have much to add. For example, citizens will be easier when they will throw in the majority. CSKA expect to a lesser degree. Still, it became clear that CSKA will not slow down, if not it will increase. How much is enough "AK Bars" to play all the matches at this rate. Further, much will depend on the physical condition of citizens.


- of Course, the hero of the match – Stanislav Galiev, the author of the double. Young, skillful, tall guy, is back this summer in Russia from the system in Washington. At the beginning of the season to Stas had some questions, but then they Vladimir Tkachev is the game of "chemistry". Tkachev – the person who does a lot of rough work, plowing in the corners, and Galieva he plays with pleasure. By the way, and was abandoned the first puck. It is impossible not to mention Denise Zaripov, who gave candy a pass on the second goal: with him any creative player will play. So Galiev is here a sort of "tip of the iceberg".

From CSKA as a hero note Michael Pashmina, he left. In such matches Pashnin only adds. And yet – I never tire of admiring Alexander Popov. He is the center, he has a huge amount of work, and despite his years, plays Sasha is very cool and the benefits are just huge. Below a certain level it doesn't drop.


- the First link of Kazan played "-1", interrupted successful series Justin Azevedo, Jiri Cleaver. By the way, the return of the Chopper – the real surprise. It's not so long ago was in a cast! Another interesting surprise – the transfer of Rob Klinkhammer in the fourth link. While Anton Blinkin, who had a great last match against "Tractor" from the falls. It's all well characterized by the strategy that chooses Bilyaletdinov. "Soldiers" are perfectly able to push, so needed a part forwards, to hold the flanks, to take a punch in defense.

CSKA surprises we have not seen. The absence of Matt Robinson and Cyril Kaprizova for professionals was expected. No surprise and then that at the gate of CSKA was Lars Johansson. Although in the next game, I think the starting lineup will be Ilya Sorokin.

the Best time

- Galiev's Second goal is very nice to get. Revealing: "AK bars" scored on the counter-attack, it characterizes the entire game. And another interesting moment or two CSKA removal for violation of numerical composition in the absence of fines from Kazan.