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Torch Last fall, or obscure the Crimea in the Golden autumn!

Relevant Posts — 15.04.2018 at 18:00

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At First I wanted to write "unknown Crimea" and fall according to the usual grammatical rules.

Then changed his mind (answers below, though weak, and the intrigue).

now, for a very long time, specifically in January 2013, my friend Sergey (who most know as "Terry") jokingly created a Club for lovers of Climbing, Wine and all that is Beautiful (QUIT – abbreviated). It is understandable, displayed in its title purposes.

There came up with a program "little known Crimea". But, our "obscurity" refers to mountain climbing. The team is alive and well today, and, slowly, added enthusiasts.

now, it's time to make a new "little known" exploits", and I for old not reported!

once upon a time, in the book "Alps in the Crimea," I saw a picture of this array:

And the wall, at the beginning of my climbing, as follows:

Syuryu-Kai, the era of 1968.

Syuryu-Kai (820 m) — a rocky ledge of the mountain Eagle zalet, opposite the entrance to the Grand canyon of Crimea, 3.5 km South-South-East from the village Sokolinoe (Bakhchisarai district).

With the Crimean Tatar "sharp rock."