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Fresh jokes for 12.04.2018 (74 pieces)

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They Say money is evil! So that's why I'm so kind...


Apparently, the Third world war will be announced on Twitter.


the Principle that happiness in the little things, deny big Tits.


- you're schizophrenic.

- What is it, doctor?

- the Split personality.

- Which of the three?


- Me, please, imitation coffee, imitation milk.

- What?

- I mean, a cappuccino.

- Ah, Yes.

- Thank you. Here's a simulation of money.

- What?!

- I mean, a hundred rubles.

- Ah, Yes.


you understand that You are getting old when you walk into a bar, and the old men sitting there, no longer asking: "whose are You, son?"


the Government should immediately impose additional sanctions against the population of Russia, and the joy of the citizens of the Us sanctions targeting Russian oligarchs, much beyond the limits of decency!


What's with the third world? I do not understand - the fallen trees to collect or not?

I would Not like to perish in a nuclear Inferno z@EB@wsysa.


Clause Medvedev during a report to the state Duma about the done government work:

"In the past 2017 in spite of the abnormal weather conditions and efforts of government, farmers managed to collect a record harvest of grain crops".


I Have a friend that every one of our meetings says, "looking Good!". "Have you lost weight?". "I think you've lost weight!", even if we saw each other two days ago. God bless these men!