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Fresh jokes for 14.04.2018 (71 pieces)

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Any man will confirm that get out of the house easier, than to clean it.


- I do exercises every morning!

- I do exercises every evening. Otherwise charging can't keep up.


- Cuckoo, cuckoo: how many years left to live? You feel stupid, Petit...


Queen for a long time digging in her purse, then with a charming smile said to the policeman who stopped the car behind the wheel where she sat:

- Please, let's see where my rights are. Without glasses I can't see beyond their noses.


the Official Supervisory body drops into home and yells to his wife:

- Dear all, we have blocked Telegram! - goes into the room, kisses his wife on the cheek, looking at the monitor, pauses for a second and says: - You... in the Telegram? But how?!

- So I find ways around wrote the day before yesterday.


After the Telegram Roskomnadzor decided to block the air, as extremists and terrorists use it to pass each other messages with sound waves, a carrier of which he is.


Russian Ivanov refused to pay taxes.

"We understand that the money which comes from tax payments, can break the law, be used by terrorist and extremist organizations, corrupt officials, pose a threat to Russia's security, life and health of citizens, by tax Organum," continued Ivanov.


the Lesson of law:

- Vovochka, why the need for laws?

- the Laws govern the arbitrariness of the authorities.


- Fima Rabinovich all the time he asks the father to the pocket money.

- Look, son, says his father - in life there are things more important than money...

- you Know, dad, but when I am these things in a café or in a night club, it is still worth the money...


Now the most important thing, that "Malaysian Airlines" started to fly back and forth over Syria ...