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What struck me in America

Pectrum 16.04.2018 at 06:07

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Want to share a few interesting observations about the lives of Americans, which can be pretty surprising.

1. Many Americans stood up on tiptoe when you go in the Elevator

They do this in order to avoid compression in the spine. When the Elevator moves from the upper floors and stops at the bottom, you need a little to get up on tiptoes and then will not have unnecessary pressure on the vertebrae.

2. The rule of 18

Many American families go to independent living children as soon as they turn 18 years old. It is believed that people of this age are Mature enough to exist independently from his father's house. It's strange, but many children and parents after this parting become almost strangers rarely talk on the phone and visit each other.

Usually 18-year-old boys and girls who were released on all four sides, together rented accommodation and are in life — because it is easier. Many of them don't go to school aimlessly and spend time in virtual games, drinking beer and partying. They have little money, and ambitions, too. I think, this strange tradition is the reason of existence in America, many homes — the children just "sit" there parents in gratitude.


the Food is not for Americans any value. Everything that is not eaten at the table, simply discarded. Good food goes in the trash, it is not stored in the refrigerator. Very sorry that the food, which a lot of people on the ground deprived, so just throw out.

4. Virtual families

Many Americans "go" from real to virtual world, where the plant of his own family. And do it in all seriousness! The fact that many people in America suffer from loneliness, lacking human relationships and warmth. And not only has a virtual husband or wife, but also children, grandparents, sisters and brothers, uncles aunts...

Seniors out of nursing homes looking for virtual grandchildren, insular teenagers — grandparents who could give them care and attention. People who in real life are deprived of communication, find it on the Network.

5. Love meat with blood

the Americans gourmets. They love meat, especially with the blood. In any American restaurant you can order any degree of doneness of steak, even "fry almost no need only slightly, and let there be more blood".

6. The society of lovers of drilling teeth

In America, there are thousands of different communities are fans of some things. Among them there are very, very strange. For example, one of the waiters told me that in a community of lovers of drilling teeth. Every weekend they get together and go to dentist drilling teeth, and this absolutely does not matter, their teeth are healthy or not.

Another person told me that loves to swallow toothbrushes: simply he likes the care and attention of doctors when they remove the brushes from his stomach.

But it seems to me that the reason of such strange Hobbies people are very simple — they just do not have enough human warmth and communication.

7. Widely smiling strangers

the Americans smiling always, everywhere and to everyone. Often, behind their smiles is not anything — it's just an integral part of their culture.

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