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Error when working with unimodularly

Club KIT - Community - Contacts 15.04.2018 at 22:50

Community of people, practicing the use of eniomodulyatorov Laboratory Infotekh

Error first and most important!

In fact, we have a lot of talk and write about how to work with unimodularly (EM) Lab Infotech right. But join us new people and make the same old mistakes. Therefore, we think that the conversation on this topic must continue.

First of all, let's define what it is to work with unimodularly correctly.

it is Clear that proper work should lead to the correct results – that is, to certain positive effects in solving those or other problems in humans that interact with EM.

In this article we will not focus on the protective functions of the modulators from external aggressions. We think this much is already clear.

Today we want to talk about those positive changes in various spheres of our life that occur in the interaction with modulators of the Infotech Laboratory. Because most coming to us people don't care about that.

But tell me, is it possible to change something in your life, without changing yourself?

remain unchanged, persisting in his erroneous views, making today and tomorrow the same thing you did yesterday?

I Think that every sensible person understands that it is impossible. But, unfortunately, it turns out that it is clear it is mainly in words. In fact, only a few of us are really ready to act in order to in their life occurred some changes.

Because we want to?

To us it was and for us it was nothing. Figuratively speaking. That is, we want to make everything all right, but without our efforts.

now, anindustry Lab Infotech is primarily one of technology to change yourself, a loved one or beloved. And if doing any energy or psychological practices, we still have a long way to go in order to achieve a little bit of positive results, with unimodularly all much easier and quicker.

Why? Because they create a comfortable energy-informational environment, which is important.

nevertheless, if we want serious results, not just cosmetic repairs, even the modulators do not exempt us from their own efforts and their own work.

so, the error first and the most essential one is the idealization of the device.

►Clear, friends, that we all want a miracle. Especially when life twisted RAM's horn and, it seems that you have tried already everything that is possible! So we, the people arranged. Well, we want miracles that can be done!

►Clear that buying some "miracle", in our opinion, the thing is, we have certain hopes and expectations.

►Clear that we want everything to happen as quickly as possible, preferably within three days, well, or at least three weeks.

And when during this time it seems that is not happening absolutely nothing of health has not increased, the money river flowed, the husband was the family tyrant, remains so, as the wife was varouhas, spoiling the lives of loved ones, too, have not yet changed, it raises a lot of questions. How so? And in fact wrote! But we are talking! And other easy the miracles happen! And I had believed! I'm not such or not such, how all? Well, why it turns the other, and I don't? You know these thoughts and emotions associated with them?

and then there's loved ones begin to incite, saying I told you so or say anything that doesn't work, only in vain money has spent or spent.

But if you, God forbid, your loved ones is imposed on the modulators, and they have agreed to their presence in my life only, not to argue with you, prepare for the worst. But then do not complain to their grumbling and discontent.

!!! After all we're constantly told that people should approach the interaction with unimodularly consciously. We ask you not to give them and not to impose on anyone.

In the end, show by example the results. Make sure that your loved ones saw the changes in you and have wanted to have such a wonderful friend and helper.

Let's not forget about free will. After all, even a husband or wife is not our property but an individual.

And even our children are not our property. Even children need to consent to interact with anything, with the modulator in particular.

In the 21 years of the Club KIT, there were many cases when one family member wore a modulator, and the other in any did not agree to this. But after some time this second suddenly took away your happier relative device, or asked you to buy him the same cool thing.

Idealizing unimodularity, forcing them to their loved ones, hastening event, you damage the whole process.

And, by the way, not only his. Moreover, damage to the very idea.

Repeat again that these rules apply not only to work with the modulators, but also with any other technology development.

somehow we forget that disease accumulate many years, day in and day. Under the diseases let us understand not only the physical ailment, but also the state of our psyche, our social position, our relationships with others – loved ones and not very attitude to the world and more.

If harmony in these areas of life the person is missing, it means that the person is sick. Sick in the broadest sense of the word. And he needs time to heal. And since all our problems are from ignorance (according to the Eastern sages), that is, from ignorance and misunderstanding of the laws of life, imagine what job we have?

Can be done for us only one unimodular?

of course Not. He can help us, we might facilitate this difficult work. But don't do it for us. And we, in turn, should help him.

women Often complain that men refuse to modulators. Or agree, not to quarrel with his wife, but then harass her, saying that they have absolutely no changes and that all this nonsense. And it is in order. What changes can the man, impeding their lack of understanding, disbelief (especially in ourselves), resistance? Yes, almost no, as if the modulator wasn't trying!

of Course, unimodularity work, regardless of our belief in their work, but the human resistance is doing its nefarious business!

, We observed a couple when the woman had gone far ahead in its development, and the man remained on the same level. What now? We can not, and have no right to pull a person along in your own happiness. Even proceeding from the best motives.

Change yourself! Change your attitude towards the situation. Keep your close – husband or wife. It's not just people. It is a separate Soul that came to Earth to accomplish his task. And executes it as you can, at your own pace.

lead by example. Not to worry the mind of people close to you. This is the main problem, especially women! Be peacemakers. Aggression around us too much.

today and in the next article we'll talk about another important mistake is the lack of a clear understanding of those specific tasks that a person is going to solve anomodontia or by using any other technology of self-development.

the awareness of everyone reading and believing in yourself!

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