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Review of the film "Point of no return" Reviews 18.04.2018 at 21:01

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Jon Hamm and Rosamund pike to resolve things in the middle East; screenwriter - Tony Gilroy.

In 1972, the year Mason Skiles, a specialist on the Arab countries of the Middle East, is a Deputy us Ambassador to Lebanon and is quite satisfied with his position. "We are very good in Beirut," he assures guests, referring not only to himself but to his Eastern wife and 13-year-old local boy Karim, to whom the couple was so infatuated with the soul that has filed the custody papers.

unfortunately, the innocent kid is the younger brother of the most wanted criminal in the world - he recently threw in a Munich rental car that shows his involvement in the hostage-taking at the Olympics. This fact triggers a chain of tragic events from which the hero is not quite moving away, even a decade after the prologue.

In the early eighties he has banal the settlement of labor agreements, notably drinking and not going to return to Beirut "on any terms". However, it suddenly lost a US citizen and enemy forces demand a negotiator that's it, Mason.

the Trailer of the movie "Point of no return"

"Point of no return" is another attempt of the Americans to understand what is going on in the middle East. In the script Tony Gilroy perfectly combines beautiful and clear wording (the situation in Lebanon, the hero compares with the "kindness of the commandant", and about the subtleties of diplomacy, said that "as soon as the dialogue is interrupted - begins shooting") with hard-spun intrigue, kidnapping, and negotiations, and revelations, and betrayal.

Director brad Anderson, in turn, packages them in the traditional genre wrap total anarchy and hopeless ruin. Let the civil war have been left behind, but the attacks continue, people in the streets kill in broad daylight, "the city is divided into pieces like a pizza", a checkpoint guarded by tanks, children playing, climbing on the cannons, armored vehicles combing the beach, the hotel is the announcement of a ban on shooting from the window - view of the ruins.

Life, of course, continues (at University lectures, and among the ruins - wedding photo session), but pleasant it obvious enough, the question is not so much what the heck happened or how to get out, and how to stay amidst the chaos, decent and worthy of his country an American citizen.

the scene from the movie "Point of no return"

Already the first phrase uttered in the film, behind the scenes, gives a kind of key to all further narration: "it Seems that the short answer to your question I don't get". In talking about the middle East can be short answer: too many here are mixed, and each conflict in its own explosive, blows one or the other. Old friends and are surprised that "somehow managed to survive walking through a minefield", but infinitely to win in this game is impossible, because cheating here not only rivals, but partners.

And because go figure who is who and who is who in what respect then the devil himself a leg break. Clear, perhaps, only one thing: beef with Israel - it is fun, it is a "world champion in the heavyweight division", if we talk about the intrigue; they're all the juices will squeeze out and not give her. The rest with the balance of power need to be monitored with maximum attention, not to be deceived about "Deputy cultural attaché" and read several times repeated cry "will embrace later" is not only a promise to return home, but the acronym of the Palestine liberation Organization.

the scene from the movie "Point of no return"

In the final, as usual, then let chronicle, conclude that the words of Ronald Reagan on the set in front of him and the nation, "great goal" to "establish peace in the region." But how many years have passed, but fundamentally the situation hasn't changed, and the middle East remains one of the most important topics of television news. That only reminds the individual American (or Russian) characters may yet succeed in individual operations, but to change the Arab mind in General, they just never will.

the point of view of the movie "Point of no return", in principle, at a decent level - and the dangers that await the characters, and the quality of their implementation. But it is obvious that to truly be interested in this film will primarily only those of "homeland" is not enough.

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