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Bun. Natalia Gevorkyan – the resistance of the absurdity

Radio Liberty 20.04.2018 at 05:00

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Somehow got used to the idea that wars are different now: hybrid, information, often without front lines, without a Declaration of war; with past total war – victims. Revolution, too, have changed: "velvet", "floral", "orange", "spring". And the resistance was changed too. It is not just the number of exits to the street and the number of people participating in these outputs. And formed not only the leaders of the opposition. But this deaf through clenched teeth "fuck you..." to the authorities and that it produces insanity, but not the kitchen in a narrow range, as it was in the USSR, and publicly, in networks, in blogs, in Telegram and YouTube channels, "circulation" which is sometimes higher circulations of major publications. Divan resistance? Including. So what? And fans of power are not diva fans? Sitting, looking in a drawer and love. Others sit, look online and don't like. And as the Internet grows, and the TV loses, then no wonder the government does not like the Internet. In the Wake of this blind resistance to the Telegram, which was closed by the decision of the court on 13 April and trying to block from 16 April, showed an increase in the number of hits 70% of the 130 largest Telegram-channels, in some cases more than 100%, according to "Medialogia". Many of my friends these days are no longer in doubt whether to open their channels to the Telegram, and opened it. And this resistance important as important paper airplanes (symbol Telegram), released Maria Alyokhina and participants in the Lubyanka, that Mary is sentenced to 100 hours of compulsory community service. And tomorrow someone will tear your ass off that couch and go to share. Or go to help opposition politicians. Or I'll vote for Ilya Yashin and Dmitry Gudkov. I do consider divan resistance as the bench. All to start somewhere. Pavel Durov, which to many seems to be sitting somewhere on a cloud, laugh at everything, these days, like it or not, became a symbol of resistance, opt for us and for the freedom and sent Roskomnadzor together with all who stand for him, with him and the next, as no one had tried. "Well, catch me if you can!" – like said Durov, which my colleague Alexander timofeevsky wittily compared with your favorite characters of the tale of Kolobok. This is our Gingerbread man, who from his grandfather is gone and left my grandmother. In pursuit of him, the evil uncle you son of a bitch the entire network block millions of IP addresses and collapse a bunch of sites, including his own, and he is here, smiling, unscathed, and thanks for the support. "The film unites millions of active, intelligent, angry from the daily absurdity of people and turns all of our state ***. Paper plane was stronger than their strategic bombers..." – wrote the popular telegram-channel Stalingrad. Durov acted as a musketeer – one for all (its users) – and got in return of the Musketeers: "all for one!". This blind resistance in the trial of Kirill Serebrennikov, Sophia Apfelbaum, Alexey Malopolski and Yuri Etenim. In this crowded hallway, in the courtroom, where not crowded, the street in front of the court, where people stand in the pouring rain. It is in the applause that greeted and escorted the accused. And in the comments in social networks, in online webcasts, from those who looks and reads. No one here is not revolutionary in the political sense of the word. No four waiting for decision to change or unchanged the preventive measure, nor their colleagues, friends and relatives, nor those who visits every five minutes in the Internet to understand what is happening there. But the presence and drawing attention to the unjust for the court (and the other one does not wait, but every time I hope), support those who are in his power (artists or entrepreneurs, or rioters) is also resistance to the absurdity and senselessness of the events. Resistance in our latitudes had more horizontal trend In the deep of the night on TV, on the Federal channel, the names of the accused in the case, "the Seventh Studio" was heard many times at the ceremony "Golden mask". Their names and words of encouragement, of hope, words of free men, is addressed to free people who are held in isolation. A year ago, I think, is impossible to achieve in a theatrical environment. Tell me that the decision to show the full record of the ceremony, not cutting out the "sedition" is not resistance. This is it. I don't know who made the decision and the arguments used in his favor, but in fact, deep, course, it it. And people who dosnyal film Serebrennikov "Summer", and those who have completed work on the ballet "Nureyev" and released it, and "Gogol-Center", which does not interrupt the work and keeps the bar, is all the resistance, disagreement, unwillingness to bend under the imposed circumstances. Resistance in our latitudes is rather horizontal trend. It expands gradually, and is not increasing as the temperature of the thermometer with the flu. Yet. Someone annoys the neglect of his opinion, someone does not like the decision of the Duma, someone has learned to distinguish when the government is lying, someone just turned off the TV, someone several times went to court and understand how it happens, someone no longer afraid to go to the demonstration. Everyone resists in their causes. Some are guarding the memorial on the bridge Nemtsov, others try to fight the assaults on the Internet, which despite all the claims to it is still free space. Millions of film screenings Bulk of corruption is also resistance. And subscribe to independent media – the resistance, the desire to get accurate information instead of propaganda and lies. A justification of the historian Yuri Dmitriev, who was fighting the whole world! Look around and you will see many examples of resistance, the beautiful small and great deeds and victories of the mind, will, and compassion over the state. Freedom, believed Woodrow Wilson, never comes from government, freedom always comes from his subjects. The history of liberty is history of resistance, he wrote. Power grows resistance with their own hands, without noticing it, not thinking of their own mistakes, confident that 10 or 15 million thinking no threat. Better, certainly, without them, so we need to "take care" of various networks where they hang out, but still they do not decide anything. One of these "harmless" just playfully turned, at least for a few days, the serious guys from government agencies in losers, over which all laugh. Yes, but missie yourself and decide, and that part of society that is willing, like a flock of sheep, to follow one shepherd, tomorrow will go for others. Natalia Gevorkyan – the journalist Expressed under the heading "Right of the author" opinions do not necessarily reflect the views of the publisher