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Brew oak bark recipe

The store of oak barrels "barrel-oak" - article 19.04.2018 at 17:10

Store of oak barrels "barrel-oak articles

Since ancient times the oak was famous for its useful properties, and is used for aging spirits. Wood chips and bark are appreciated, and those who prefer to prepare their own alcohol in the home. If you decided to cook moonshine in oak bark, is to find a suitable recipe, and start the process.

Why to insist exactly on moonshine oak bark

the oak Bark is an excellent and cheap alternative to oak barrels, which cost often is very high. Infused with oak bark drink will become a pleasant mild taste and a light aroma of vanilla, fruit, chocolate. The color also will change – will become more intense and beautiful. In short, the bark will help to improve the appearance and taste and aromatic properties of the brew.

keep in mind that you must adhere strictly to the recipe – otherwise, instead of a fragrant and tasty drink you can get is not quite what you expected. Therefore, finding a suitable recipe, do not deviate from it.

Preparations for making moonshine oak bark

the First thing you need to do is selection of quality oak. It should not be chemically treated shall not contain debris, and any useless impurities. Its quality is very important.

the Second point is a suitable premises, which will be holding a drink. To the premises imposed strict requirements and constant cool temperature and lack of bright light and sharp odor. The perfect can be called a cellar or basement. Therefore, if in your house they are, we can assume that a suitable place was found.

Then we choose the right container. Give preference to containers made of darkened glass, they will fit optimally. Of course, the containers must be clean.

the Recipe for moonshine, infused with oak bark

You can use the following recipe which is suitable even for beginners. It is extremely simple, and requires minimum ingredients. You will need:

6 liters of vodka a fortress of 45 degrees; About 70 grams of good honey or sugar; Oak bark in the amount of 200 grams.

This is the entire list of products required for infusion of the brew.

, Place in a container of glass, bark and honey, stir. Pour over brew. The capacity is tightly sealed, and store in the place prepared for ten days. After that filter the contents of the tank, ensuring maximum transparency. Pour moonshine over smaller containers, store in a cool place for five days. Now the infusion moonshine oak bark is ready – you can start tasting your creations.

Another recipe moonshine oak bark

In this recipe, more ingredients, and its flavor will be more intense and the flavour spicy.

You need:

3 liters of vodka a fortress of 46 degrees; about 1 tablespoon of honey or sugar; oak bark – 3 tablespoons; 10 peas allspice; 5 sprigs of cloves, and 30 grams of oregano and St. John's wort; a little bit of vanilla (literally on the tip of a knife).

the cooking Process is simple – place all the ingredients in a container, stir, pour moonshine. Capacity tightly sealed store in a cellar or basement. Every three days, thoroughly shake the drink in about two weeks, filter it, and start tasting. If the taste suits you, you can pour the brew into a smaller container. If not – hold a little more, and after a couple days try again.

the Recipe of cognac on oak bark

You can cook from homemade moonshine brandy, the taste of which will surprise you for sure – so soft and flavorful it will be. You will need the following ingredients:

moonshine – 6 liters fortress 45 degrees; sugar – 100 grams; fine black tea – 30 grams; 60 grams of oak bark; 10 peppercorns; 3 Bay leaves; zest of one lemon 5 sprigs of cloves; little nutmeg, coriander, vanilla (take each spice on the tip of a knife).

Connect in prepared containers of dry ingredients, pour a brew, get a brew. The term aging drink you can choose according to your taste – from three weeks to six months. The longer the exposure, the more you will enjoy the finished drink. In principle, homemade brandy of vodka on oak bark is not inferior to the store, but with the right preparation even surpasses it. Try it and you will surely enjoy!

the Benefit from home alcoholic beverages

Certainly before you prefer to buy alcohol at the store. So do many – even as realize that to prepare a brew and Refine it with the help of oak bark is not difficult. The main advantages of such a drink – a nice balanced flavor and a delicious flavor, low cost and personal control of the ingredients used.