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Mousetrap with cheese stranger

Webice.Ru - social network for bloggers 20.04.2018 at 12:23

Webice.Ru - social network for bloggers


I Go in the native plant. Bah! Behind a dumpster, in a niche are the money - a few five thousandth stacked. And the steel container, heavy; and the niche is narrow; and I uncle big... No, not fit. But the brain is not less than the monkey picked up the broom and scooped up some of the money from narrowness.

the Smoking room Of laughter, and a group of colleagues goes. I, as it happened, the first thought of a MOP. The rest of the belly is drawn and climbed, squirm. And "money" on the printer is printed, and even qualitatively so, not looking closer to tell.

And the trick is: after printing their iron well iron to and touch, then, were real almost.