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Fresh jokes for 19.04.2018 (91 pieces)

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Roskomnadzor has blocked Russians access to heaven.

Base: the Apostle Peter refused to give the keys of the FSB.


Our Deputy - oak bark instead of the cerebral cortex!


the Joy of permission to gather dead wood marred by the prohibition to boast assembled in the Telegram.


travel the world without a penny.

Moved up to 300 meters.


In different countries conducted a survey "which produces the most money per square centimeter square?"

In Venezuela, the majority answered "In the oil fields"

In Qatar: "gas shelf"

South Africa: "diamond mines"

In Russia: "armchair judges"


Fish tail waved, and left Oleg with aluminum trough.


Financial situation: nose and he laid down.


chemistry Textbook - dream interpretation explaining the dreams Mendeleev.


- How do you feel about BDSM?

Well, the cat kicked sometimes.


Putin has put a priority on gasoline cars over electric.

here I totally agree with Vladimir Vladimirovich., our priority is a steam engine!