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The face (Twarz) clips from movies 24.04.2018 at 10:20

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Funny and charming Jacek (Mateus, Kostyukevich) loves heavy metal, his dog, and - most of all - his girlfriend, Dagmar (małgorzata Gorol) with which they are lit up every evening on the dance floor. Everything – his family, residents of a small town in southern Poland, buddies, diligent members of the Church perceive it as a funny freak. Only older sister (Agnieszka, Podsiadlik) without words, understands his brother and supports him in his quest to leave the beautiful Outback to the world. And while Jacek is working on the construction of the world's highest statue of Jesus Christ – local Church leaders want it excelled the famous figure of the Saviour with outstretched arms in Rio de Janeiro. After an accident at the construction site, which greatly disfigures it, the character will have the first in Poland face transplant. From the hospital, the guy goes in front of the cameras of the reporters, causing fright and disgust, almost all of whom he knew, - the bride, coworkers, and even his own mother.

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