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Appeal to all who wish to participate in energorayone in 4etape Great Transition.

Club KIT - Community - Contacts 24.04.2018 at 21:47

Community of people, practicing the use of eniomodulyatorov Laboratory Infotekh

Quote: Message from the lid.myagckova (Post 9805) But this note personally to the readers of the forum from me:

many times I tried to quit it seems useless to try to convey information to you in the mistaken belief that if people are interested in such modern developments and learn to understand it and successfully apply them to their recovery,so they can understand what spiritual healing is also a very important point in our present life,and therefore you just need to know what it is now.Well,I made a mistake and can't even imagine what service needed to Wake up the sleeping consciousness in man...

Agree not to disturb anyone's sleep. Lydia, what if you are again laid sheet information (as far as I understand your reasoning and thoughts on the topic that interests you), if you're all so soulless?

You want to involve people in the discussion?

what of your indignation and accusations?

First you spread the mixed material on the forum, and then you accuse the forum of a lack of spirituality.

If people don't discuss this topic, so they it is uninteresting!

is this not clear?

Why do you think everyone must be wondering what interest you?

here You have two of those that post channelings.

Well, let's haul all that is in the Internet on this subject!

And then get from our forum?

I the subject is not closed just because waited maybe someone would be interested, maybe someone will appreciate your efforts.

did Not wait, although the topic is open and everyone can speak.

don't know what surprises you...

Let's, I'll wring their hands and will complain that those, in my opinion, as necessary as air, the topics that I raise on the forum, in social networks, there's no hot dimassi, there are numerous thank youby, likes and shares, there are no discussions etc.

And I'm trying to write day and night.


Who we are that for us was the crowd?

Who are we?

Christ had only 12 disciples, and they initially fled.

You decided to become a Messiah?

I'm happy, when I was on a webinar comes 3 people. But these 3 people - people who want to know something and I'll tell you everything I know, like my guest thousands.

And yesterday I was thrilled when I got the letter the man wrote to me that he worked the balance wheel (the theme of "Semicoking as a way of life") and ready for the next schag.

Yes, it's only one person who responded on the topic "smokotina", but this is a man who did something!!! And it's worth it.

Now people are not active anywhere. Believe me. And in the discussions including, especially such controversial topics.

the day the forum comes ONLY from 8 to 16, a registered person, all other 500 - is not quite clear to guests (and guests can't write in the forum, by the way), including search engine robots.

What have I to do, all our staff in this case? To tear my hair out, like "Oh, what are all this and that and! We are trying, and they..."

Or to quit?

In General, people are stressed for many reasons. You are aware that we have a crisis? Don't know how you got there, in parallel universes, and we have the crisis in Russia.

People landed ordinary problems where to get money to feed your family, how children learn, and a lot more different "how".

the People are tired.

People need to calm down and not scare what you do with your channeling.

People need to learn to cope with stress, maintain your energy in order to restore it, and not to divert them from life in an incomprehensible way.

Why do you think that it is for the human task is to learn to change, to get rid of their wrong views and so less important than reasoning about proishozhdenii worlds, the absolute, God and the devil?

You know exactly what task we came here for what started all this?

As I recall, in 2012 we are already preparing the Transition. What?

seriously speaking, the Transition is already full, but many misunderstand it, R.. And are we talking about this on the forum, but don't call it Transition.

Honestly, don't understand is who gave you the right to blame people in a small spirituality? Why you took the role of a judge?

How do you know who is interested in what? Who how spiritual? Not all people otkryvaya around the world! You are applying for a high spirituality, and evaluate people, moreover, reproached them in what is unknown.

Let me and my partners and colleagues to conduct such a policy on the forum that we believe is right. We are not 17 years and we have life experience, not afraid of the word, wisdom and understanding of the situation.

If you with something do not agree, then the Internet has a lot of other sites that probably will satisfy you with its high spirituality.

Please, do not post more materials on this topic. Moreover, they are difficult to read, maybe you don't do blank lines between paragraphs and the text is merged.

And please don't reproach anything to our forumcn.

PS If you want my opinion on the subject, why are we here, why do we have this material body and not just the material, but on the basis of the animal's body, that is, with all the accompanying set of instincts, I can tell you. But again I say that this is my opinion.

Think we are here to overcome the dark side, the devil why do you write something with a capital letter.

will Tell you a very old story

In England there was a king named Robert. He was cruel, and he had bouts of terrible cruelty, after which he came to himself and didn't understand how he could commit so many terrible things.

but in the end he put a sword to the breast of his mother and forced her to answer who she conceived (according to the legend). The mother confessed that she conceived him from the devil, maybe she really wanted a baby, and the devil promised it to her.

This man is known in history as Robert the devil. The legend has even written the Opera of the same name.

But Robert didn't want to put up with their dark side. Then there were no schools, no teachings besides Christianity. The young man went on a pilgrimage. No, not a crusade, which is sometimes called also the pilgrimage, namely the pilgrimage. As they say, in sackcloth and with kotomkoj in his hands.

so he left all that he had - wealth, power, land, army and went to uproot yourself from the devil.

He prayed for a long time in different monasteries, trying to atone for their sins. And on the way back to England he kills the robbers.

According to another version, he lived a long and pious life, performed many good deeds and became known as Robert the Pious. There is even his biography written by a monk in the 15th century.

For me, this historical figure is an example of how to deal with their dark side. I even somewhere have a portrait (painted by the artist at the time) that people.

True, people still remember him as Robert the devil. Opera is certainly helped ))

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