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Webinar may 2 at 17: 00. Working with beliefs.

Club KIT - Community - Contacts 29.04.2018 at 19:50

Community of people, practicing the use of eniomodulyatorov Laboratory Infotekh

, may 2, at 17.00 everybody is welcome at the webinar. Topic: "dealing with negative beliefs and habits in the interaction of unimodular".

On the webinar we will talk about technology of work with their thinking (conscious, subconscious), and also of modulators that work flow is much easier than without them.

We have a lot of talk about the fact that the modulators can be successfully work to achieve a particular purpose. But, unfortunately, do not always understand that much of the result depends on our thinking. And that even with the modulators you can't change the mindset overnight.

Yes, they help in the process, but to produce really tangible results should be the desire and understanding of the man himself. Moreover, the right efforts, there are certain actions.

That we usually are not satisfied in our thinking?

but all the same what to say at every corner! We are not satisfied with those destructive programs that firmly settled in our mind and interfere with moving forward almost.

These programs play the role of a shore that does not allow us to change the perspective on many things.

because these programs are in similar life situations, we are, as usual, on the same program (script) that already a hundred times proved to be ineffective, because they led to a negative result.

with the mind we understand that the program it is necessary to change, but for some reason I can not do that.

Not just because there is the expression "blinkers".

what is on a horse wearing blinders?

To make it not scared.

Our programs-blinders also help us not be afraid of the new and unknown. They give you the opportunity to stay in the comfort zone. And in order to change something in your life, it is necessary, as we now like to say, "get off the couch", that is to get out of the comfort zone.

Someone is satisfied with the situation, and someone wants to get rid of these tired, shore.

As you know, even with the modulators need to know the basics of technology to work with your mind, your wrong (negative) beliefs and attitudes, which stem from wrong actions.

this Conversation, of course, long. And we are not just led. By the way, the forum is materials, and even webinars on this topic on the forum, on the YouTube channel.

But the necessity of talking about this is always present. I understand this is for your letters, your questions.

So I really want to understand what modulators can help in this complex process. And why with them simpler and easier.

so, the link to enter the room while the old -

You will need to enter only your name or nickname with which you registered on our forum is optional.

For participants of the webinar!

►In honor of the Holidays at the webinar will have a lottery, where, as always, will play unimodularity and discounts on them.

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Go into the room on 15 minutes early to test connection.

so, see you on Wednesday, may 2, at 17: 00 in our conference room

If something does not work, you can before the webinar to knock me in Skype elena_p2007. The code word when you contact request on Skype - "KIT" or "unimodular", or "webinar"

If someone wants to prisoedinitsja to our group Skype chat, I Skype me - elena_p2007 (code words - kit, club kit, webinar etc) club at the link

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