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A case of mourning of the matter about flags: in St. Petersburg open "canned"

Radio Liberty 04.05.2018 at 18:15

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Before 5 may, which in St. Petersburg is planned a rally of supporters of Navalny "He's not king", in the city there is increased attention of the police by the activists. May 3 was arrested by a volunteer of the St. Petersburg headquarters of Navalny Ilya Gantvarg, who is also an activist of the St. Petersburg branch of the movement "Spring" and "Open Russia". He spent the night in the 78th Department of police. He was detained for participation in rally in memory of victims of a fire in a shopping centre in Kemerovo. The demonstrators held black-and-white flags and posters "Petersburg mourns". I must say that Gantvarg subject to the requirement of the police and turned the flag, in addition, he used the other left the field of Mars, where the action took place, and did not participate in the chanting of political slogans – it started after his departure. All this was said in a trial held on may 4, however, the judge decided that Ilya Gantvarg must pay a fine of 10,000 roubles for violation of the rules of the public event and disobedience to a lawful order of a police officer. In addition to the administrative penalty Ilya Gantvarg got another arrest for 10 days. He came home to "escort" who was left to wait for him at the door in addition, well-known St. Petersburg photographer David Frenkel told that the day before he and his friend, civil activist Varya Mikhaylova was installed Intrusive surveillance. According to him, it all started with the fact that Varya Mikhaylova called him and said that at her work on duty a few suspicious vehicles she may want to keep, and David went to her place to film the arrest. He spent near the place of work Vari Mikhailova few hours, and when I got in the car and drove home, an unknown car drove up behind him. Frankel circled the city, stayed and made sure the car was following him. So he came home with a "escort" who was left to wait for him at the entrance, and in the end, Frankel decided to find out what is expected of these people. However, they did not want to talk to him, then he called the police and wrote a statement about surveillance. The coordinator of the St. Petersburg headquarters of Navalny Denis Mikhailov not surprised, "preventive measures" of the police: This is a new tactic, first tested in action on 28 January, on the trail which then took a lot of people from the so-called list "a" "All of this is done in order to "neutralize" our guys before the action, or in order to scare people, to get them to go to share. All this does not surprise me – rather surprised into this office until the police arrived – because the "voters Strike" January 28, to us three times a week the police came, conducted searches, confiscated equipment, and it is strange that this time nothing like this happens. And in General, supervises the policy of the Petersburg Vice-Governor of Serov. There is such a thing – "canned" for administrative cases, which they print out when it suits them. This new tactic, first tested in action on 28 January, on the trail which then took a lot of people from the so-called list "a". This list included 20 people who had to sit under administrative detention before so-called elections. January 28, no one was arrested, but before the election, mass arrests began. That is a tactic already tested – and if the guys from "Spring" from the "Open Russia" somewhere before stood in pickets, against them you can initiate an administrative case. The more that these guys are mostly volunteers and the headquarters of Alexei Navalny, and the police are well aware that they'll go to the meeting on 5 may. By the way, we tried twice to reconcile, offers a variety of places, but under different pretexts, none of them agreed. So we decided to go to the Palace square in the end, we have article 31 of the Constitution, which allows us to assemble peacefully and without arms". So-called "case of flags" – detention at the may day marches of the flags of Israel, Georgia and other States Denis Mikhailov also referred to as a preventive measures before the rally, "He's not king." According to him, he attended the March of "digital resistance" on may 1 and saw that the police that actually needs simply to protect the protesters and keep order, was clearly looking for any, even the most absurd pretext in order to detain people. They did it through the video looking for "wrong" flags, or images of Putin. The activist of the St. Petersburg branch of the movement "Spring" Timothy Gorodilov believes that the detention will continue. It was important for us not only to Express sorrow for the victims, but to assert that it is necessary to find out what it is, why so many people died, "I'm Ilya Gantala familiar, he is the activist of "Spring". I see that "eshniki" in the case of Elijah literally did not know something to complain about, and they had to cling to obviously not winning for them – for the action of memory of victims of the terrible fire in Kemerovo. Then we came to the field of Mars and made a temporary memorial, lit candles, laid flowers. And it was important for us not only to Express sorrow for the victims, but to assert that it is necessary to find out what it is, why so many people died, what defects there are in the Russian system of fire, and that we definitely need reform. So we had posters, one poster stood in the picket Ilya, as I understand it, that's what it is on may 3 and arrested, and then given a fine and 10 days. In General, I think this police Department needs to report that they are doing something, and now – now they will present a report on what they have neutralized the main plant. No one realizes that people come to the street not because Ilya Gantvarg called someone and said I'll pay you money for what you will, but because the people themselves want out. And what will jail the activists, the rally will not disappear, and his character does not change". Timothy Gorodilov sure that the staff of the Center "e" and will continue to report up that they had neutralized "the boor". The activist emphasizes that such activity is irrelevant to the rule of law and respect for human rights. On may 4, Crimean Tatar activist, Asan Momji was sentenced to a fine of 20 000 rubles and 7 days of arrest for the may day March held in the hands of the US flag. Activists of the "Spring" has published an excerpt from the administrative case of Elijah Gantvarg, which filed the photograph with the mourning rally on the Champ de Mars. In fact, this is a new list of the Center "e". Varya Mikhaylova on his Facebook page wrote: "Now finally know that all of us catch for the same, and Ilya Gantvarg, for a mourning action in Kemerovo. Detectives launched a list of 16 activists, I am the first in the list. Apparently, we need to catch up to may 5, or until the inauguration. Athas, of course. A disgrace".