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Pitfalls of breastfeeding. My experience

SAPLUSKY 05.05.2018 at 18:50

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During pregnancy many moms decide for themselves whether they will breast feed the baby or special mixtures. I have this issue decided for myself even before I found out that I was a mom. Definitely going to breastfeed. It is useful, safe, I thought. Yes, and my mom told me how wonderful it is and wonderful to put the baby to your breast. But there it was...

the First time I put the baby to the breast immediately after birth in the delivery room. It is something of posmotrela, winced and fell asleep. Then it occurred to me that this will continue.

I was transferred to the ward a few hours after birth. My daughter brought with me. As soon as she woke up, I tried to feed her. Picked up, put it to his chest. She takes the chest, a little sucking and starts to scream. I her to the other breast – like ate, fell asleep. It takes half an hour, my baby screams again. And all through the night.

I have not been able to sleep the first night after birth. Daughter constantly demanding the breast. And besides, after each of her sucking, I felt a cramping pain in the abdomen. As I explained later, I have actively reduced the uterus. In the first days after birth when feeding is common. I felt like I was giving birth again.

on the Morning of the second day I noticed cracks and sores on the chest. Children's nurse explained to me that I incorrectly attached the daughter to her breast. In this regard, she was not hungry and woke up. And because of this, my chest began to hurt and cracked. I was shown how to correctly attach the baby to the breast. While the nurse was there, everything seemed easy. Yourself I have nothing worked. One of the feeding options, was pumping his chest and supplemental foods baby bottle. I tried, as not pressed and not twirling his chest, more than a teaspoon to pump did not work.

he was discharged on the fourth day after birth. Baby lost weight 300 grams. My chest ached. To pump I couldn't do it. The house I was handed manual breast pump. I fed the baby, put her to bed, and immediately began to Express. I've then got a gram for 10. After that, I hardly had time to eat, and again it was necessary to feed the baby.

the Real disaster happened on the fifth day after birth. In the morning I felt my chest hurt terribly. I just couldn't get out of bed on my own. I like the turtle, rolled from side to side. Any movement gave me terrible discomfort. It was a surge of milk. To this day, my body was producing colostrum. And now milk.

the Main goal in the first ten days after birth, for me, was to rascality chest. I nursed her daughter, then with tears in his eyes, tried to pump both Breasts. Breast pump I, of course, helped. But his chest ached. Cracks did not heal. Every time the little "sucker" to me, I almost cried. However, the pain quickly passed.

every day the "charm" of breastfeeding was opened for me with new surprises. Could not eat spicy, salty, red, sweet. My diet in the first month were: light soups, mashed potato with boiled chicken, tea biscuit app. Drinking too much it was impossible. If I drank a lot of liquid, I poured too much milk, and I have not been able to fully Express.

After a couple of weeks the wound on his chest began to slowly heal. I learned how to do it. On the advice of "experienced" moms expressed milk was to Supplement the child. Because the bottle easier to drink than from a breast. Five years later, I realized I was doing it in vain. After such zakarmlivanie, my daughter appeared night cramps. It turned out that the milk in the breast is the upper sweet, but thin as water, and the bottom is more nutritious. The child first gets drunk and then eats. I, for pumping mixed. For my daughter this was unacceptable. So we struggled with night cramps.

the Biggest inconvenience for me was the fact that I could not for a long time to be away from home. The child had to be fed every two to three hours. And since my girl also "lazy" and quickly fell asleep, the first two months ate an hour and a half. It turns out, only I from home out, and have to get back to feed.

how are afraid to get sick! Pills you should not accept folk remedies, too, not all fit. And when I, one day, the temperature rose, the daughter did not want to take the breast.

Gradually I have settled into a new rhythm of life. Learned to eat only healthy food, out of the house without baby for a while, to Express the chest fully and do it quickly. I understand that it is not necessary to give the baby the breast every time she cries. If you overfeed the child, then it will start to hurt your tummy. But, it's time for a feeding!

since About six months I started to give her daughter in addition to their own milk juices, fruit and vegetable puree. And started new problems. It was necessary to calculate when to give solid foods, and when the chest. And to make it so that the child is not left hungry. No advice from smart books and magazines did not help. All you had to do by trial and error.

I Fed daughter breast until she was a year and eight months. Long? Yeah, I guess. But I still did not have the courage to deny her this. She was eating itself from the plate, but before the day and night, always asked his mother's milk. It ended after a visit to the doctor.

During the examination, the doctor asked me to feed if I'm still the child. And after an affirmative answer, strongly advised me to stop breastfeeding. It turned out that the child began receiving female hormones via milk. In this regard, it has already become a little vague chest. It is harmful for kids. From that day on I began to refuse his daughter when she asks for milk. Early days, of course, she was capricious. Didn't sleep well. But, over time, become accustomed. So ended our breastfeeding.

there is certainly the same children and mothers. Everyone can shape their own situation while breastfeeding their children, will have difficulty. The only thing you can say for sure – not everything is easy and simple. Always have its pitfalls.

the pitfalls of breastfeeding. My experience — video

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