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Festive event "May discount"

Club KIT - Community - Contacts 30.04.2018 at 17:41

Community of people, practicing the use of eniomodulyatorov Laboratory Infotekh

Dear friends, as always in may, the Lab Infotech gives you a festive discount.

the Festive event "May discount"

For guests is a discount from basic prices unimodularity.

For club members, such as additional discounts to their club discounts.

the Conditions represented in the two tables below - table 1 ( for guests) and table 2 (for club members).

TABLE 1 is for guests.

the Name of unimodular base price RUB.

Value subject to holiday discounts, RUB

Individual: breeze-3, breeze-4, Torch, the nymph of the individual, the centaur (EM months), Tigris individual, the Pilot, Spring ind., Svyatogor, KIT-4 2520,0 2310,0

Wall - /table-Nymph, Tigris, Spring 2520,0 2310,0

Unimodularity breeze, a unicorn, a Jaguar 3780,0 3360,0

EM breeze-7

6840,0 6270,0

Individual inomoderator Fairy, Phoenix 7560,0 6720,0

EM Owl, Sail 12600,0 11130,0

Inomoderator Octopus - protection from the negative effects of electromagnetic radiation 840,0 714,0

TABLE 2 is for members of the club.

the Name of modulators of Holiday discounts in KE - club units

Discount in rubles

EM individual: breeze-3, breeze-4, Torch, the centaur (EM months), Tigris individual, the Pilot, Spring ind., Svyatogor, KIT-4 5 KE of 210.0

EM Tigris , table Spring 5 KE of 210.0

EM breeze, a unicorn, a Jaguar 10 KE 420,0

uh Board of Briz-7 ("Board")

20 KE 840,0

EM individual Fairy, Phoenix 15 KE 630,0

EM Owl, Sail a 35 KE 1470,0

EM Octopus 3 KE 126,0

we Remind the club members and partners an online store that their discounts cumulative discounts on stock.

Become a member of our club can be anyone who have at least one EM Infotech or three of EM Octopus! As you can see, to be a member of the club is not only interesting, but profitable!

Guests can become partners of our online shop and get a 10% discount on your orders placed through the store.

to Become a partner of the store at this link >>

If you have something does not work, have a look here - How to become a partner store >>

don't forget to tell about our Holiday promotions to their family and friends, and give them a chance to change your life.

the offer is valid until 31 may! If You have questions, please call the office (495) 917-2743, 502-5944

weekdays from 13-00 till 19-00

And best of all, come to the club and find out first hand.

We are always happy to see You! Your KEITH.


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