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The novelty already is on sale! Security system Pandora DX-50S

Alarm Obninsk 10.05.2018 at 06:36

Pandora DX-50S is the next stage in the development of the line DX-50. When developing the system used the most modern element base from leading manufacturers of electronic components. The product is produced using new precision equipment for the installation of components and testing to assure high quality, reliability and stability of technical and user characteristics of the product during the entire lifetime.

Has an extremely strong authorization code commands with a unique and individual algorithm for each product encryption key (128 bit) that guarantees protection from electronic hacking.

the New built-in interfaces 2CAN+LIN to work with the most modern vehicles and specialized port IMMO-KEY algorithmic crawler latest generation 3.0 BYPASS that allows you to implement Keyless startup (programmatically or through the service PandoraCLONE) in new cars Ford, Toyota, Lexus, Honda, VW, Skoda, Audi and others. All the regular keys and key fobs remain the owner, allowing you to save a considerable amount.

Pandora DX-50S is equipped with a new keychain D-079 with power-efficient radio frequency 868 MHz, with a relay module RMD-5M, the engine temperature sensor, switch and fasteners.

an Important achievement of the engineers was a record low power consumption of just 7 mA! This is several times less, than in any other car alarm and will make it easy to start the engine even after long periods of inactivity of the vehicle.

Pandora DX-50S traditionally equipped with a shock sensor, tilt and motion, which allows it to respond to any unauthorized impact on the vehicle, including attempted theft of wheels and evacuation. Notification of triggered sensors come on the LCD keychain. The system works stably at temperatures up to -55 degrees, which makes it an excellent option for use in all regions of Russia.

in Addition to the great technical advantages, everyone will appreciate super products, which has become more attractive and no alternative for products with similar properties!

Meet the new security system Pandora DX-50S – high quality and optimal functionality at a modest price!