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New keychain Pandora D-030 for Bluetooth alarm!

Alarm Obninsk 10.05.2018 at 07:05

Pandora D-030 – Bluetooth keychain with OLED display and powered by Li-Po battery and charging from microUSB. This keychain is lightweight, compact, easy to wear on a keychain, ergonomic when buttons are pressed, modern and inexpensive keychain contains, working both as a label (HandsFree), and with the ability to accept and display information about the status of the security system of the car on the OLED display.

With the advent of bespilotnykh car alarm with mobile applications that work both Bluetooth and GPRS/3G, the need for long-range subligaculum the key chain almost disappears. But it remains a traditional commitment to a variety of users to the FOB with the buttons and indicator.

the Real range of the radio keyfob Pandora D-030 is 25-35 meters (but very quickly and practically does not depend on the noise conditions). And yet, the charged battery of the keychain Pandora D-030 should last for more than six months of work.

While the product Pandora D-030 is not included in a security complex and is offered for purchase separately, as accessories, as compatible with all new car alarms Pandora and Pandect with Bluetooth interface. Keychain D-030 fits perfectly into the series of products Pandect X (Pandect X-1000, Pandect X-1700BT, Pandect X-1800BT, Pandect X-1900BT), transforming them into inexpensive "GSM-chain style". And given that the far notice of these systems is GSM call, SMS and notification via GPRS-Internet, the need for long-range key FOB within range of GSM networks is really unnecessary. And the practice of use of the car often does not imply a command transmitter at a considerable distance from the vehicle. And when the need arises, there's an app on the phone.