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Culinary coloring "Fairies Princess School of sweets" A4, soft cover

This coloring book with recipes and games, which represent a step-by-step instructions for the preparation of sweets. Play and practice your culinary skills, you can use the free app DEVAR kids. Lessons can be... " interesting! Especially if it's cooking lessons in augmented reality. Free app DEVAR kids will turn an ordinary coloring in the magical cookbook of reviving recipes of your favorite sweets, from beautiful princesses. Princess sweets will show you how to cook your favorite dishes appeared on the pages of this coloring. The child's task is to help the Princess to collect all the necessary ingredients. You will need to click on the products on the screen of the tablet, and the Princess will collect them. Then, checking with the recipe from the coloring, the child will mix all the ingredients in the correct sequence. Recipes remembered effortlessly, and products do not suffer from the experiences of little chef. Cooking Goodies has never been more fun! Paint princesses, and together learn how to cook sweets! Paint is 7 princesses and 7 of their favorite recipes! And useful skills that will help every little Princess! Book features: - 7 beautiful simple recipes of sweet dishes, most of which do not require cooking in the oven. - on the page with the recipe in augmented reality appears in the character with colour illustrations. - 7 characters, clothing and hair which augmented reality is colored the same as the book. If the child is not painted the Princess in augmented reality appears Princess with white hair, dress and shoes. If you paint the Princess hair, for example, in the orange color, the character will come to life on the page with orange hair. - the coloring has a bookplate that she could sign. - the Princess tells the child what to do. - the child remembers the recipe because it is not only written in the coloring, but is repeated in augmented reality: a products first you need to collect and then mix in the correct sequence. det