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Escape from Sobibor (Escape from Sobibor) clips from movies 11.05.2018 at 15:00

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Sobibor — Nazi concentration camp in Poland, one of the dozen Nazi death camps built specifically to exterminate Jews by the Germans from conquered countries. Was closed on the personal orders of Himmler's SS after it happened the most massive in the history of the death camps and the escape of prisoners, decided to resist the Nazi "order." The main purpose and organization of the uprising took over the Soviet prisoner of war, Lieutenant-caves, who arrived in Sobibor, together with a group of Jewish soldiers. According to the plan of the caves prisoners had secretly, one by one to eliminate the SS staff of the camp, and then taking possession of the weapons at the warehouse camp, kill guards. The plan was only partially successful — the rebels were able to kill some SS men from the camp staff, but to take possession of the Armory failed. The guards opened fire on prisoners and they were forced to break out of the camp through the minefields. They were able to crush the guards and escape into the woods. A significant proportion of prisoners never tried to escape. After the escape of the caves headed a partisan detachment and fought until the arrival of the red Army. After the war, was a witness at the trial of the Ukrainian-collaborators — former Sobibor guards.


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