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The evening of the jesters (Gycklarnas afton) clips from movies 11.05.2018 at 15:00

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Travelling circus "Alberti" returns to the city after three years of bleak wandering. Rich nobody managed, salaries are not paid, in vans full of fleas, there is absolutely nothing ("Let's kill a bear"). The circus owner albert Johansson hopes that the local theater will help them at least with costumes, and rushed to see them abandoned and forgotten wife of the father sons. His mistress Anna, serving as a "Spanish rider", is afraid to be alone and amenable to persuasion dramatic artist Frans...

Excerpt: suicide circus Excerpt: the fight in the circus Excerpt: clowns in the arena Excerpt: coin for monkeys Excerpt: "suicide" of actor Excerpt: put the tent Passage: the sad song of a Suta Excerpt: prologue the clown Excerpt: random man in the picture

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