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Review of the film "Sobibor" Reviews 07.05.2018 at 11:11

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The Story of the preparation of the escape from the Nazi concentration camps; directorial debut which played a major role Konstantin Khabensky.

"Sobibor" tells the details the only successful escape from a concentration camp in the entire history of the Second world war. This escape was led by the Soviet officer Alexander Pechersky, who decided not just to release the captive Jews, but also to take revenge for all the horrors of ruthless Nazi killing machine.

Fecurity for the film "Sobibor"

death Camp "Sobibor" – certainly one of the most horrible pages in the history of the genocide of the Jewish people during the Second world war – the tragedy, which indeed it must be remembered that it is never repeated in the future. Trying to entice the viewer to feel all the pain and suffering of the prisoners, debutant Director with a familiar name Khabensky, obviously, tried very hard to speak loudly and effectively. It is impossible not to note, however, that the big story of the triumph of the human spirit over Nazi tyranny is told here, to put it mildly, not too confident voice.

Konstantin Khabensky in the movie "Sobibor"

unfortunately, as pathetic war drama "Sobibor" is not working as effectively and smoothly as similar in spirit and theme, "Escape from Sobibor" with Rutger Hauer in the title role. That movie, if not knocked out of tears, then at least forced to shrink everything inside so that sometimes it became difficult to breathe. The actor is also trying to find the viewer the point of pain, but instead the author turns to only cause confusion.

"Sobibor" clearly lacks a deeper disclosure of the characters. This is not to unclear relationships between the characters. The story and then sags and slips in one place, jumping from one character to another in a completely chaotic manner. Instead of delving into the nature of the main character, the Director focuses on the mental anguish of the secondary characters, leaving the tragic fate of Jewish prisoners in the shadows.

the trailer for the film "Sobibor"

One of the characters, Jacob, for example, the entire film is so boring that when he undergoes the baptism of fire (literally), instead of the proper sympathy felt only treacherous appeasement: no longer have to observe the moral agony of the character, not only lost a companion but also my mind.

In the story clearly there is a hint of a love story between the protagonist Alexander Pechersky and a prisoner of war a Luke girl, but there was, alas, only a hint of everything is limited, which leads to absolute indifference to her fate.

Felix, Ancell in the film "Sobibor"

"Sobibor" addresses a very important topic, but to disclose fully the Director fails. In comparison with chronicle "of Sobibor. Chronicle of the uprising in the death camp", after meeting which leaves no doubt that the tragedy of the captive Jews is really one of the most brutal episodes of world war II, the debut work of Konstantin Khabensky is more similar to a summary, superficial history.

After seeing the pictures of the future Khabensky as the Director seems to be as vague as the fate of the liberated Jew Schlomo, running across the vast field towards the unknown.

Konstantin Khabensky in the movie "Sobibor"

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