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"Your friend has kidnapped my daughter." The letter of Olga Litvinenko Vladimir Putin

Radio Liberty 11.05.2018 at 16:38

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty is a private, non-profit information service funded by the U.S. Congress, broadcasting to the countries of Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, Central Asia and Middle East and Russia.

The Powerful rector of the Mining University in St. Petersburg, a dollar billionaire Vladimir Litvinenko is considered one of the friends of Vladimir Putin. Three times he headed Putin's campaign headquarters in his hometown, and in 2018 was one of the chiefs. A small reduction in status can be explained by the fact that in recent years the rector Litvinenko became the hero of several publications dedicated to his relationship with his daughter, living in Poland Olga Litvinenko. From 2007 to 2011 was a member of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg, participated in the work of Putin's election staff. Seven years ago, after a conflict with his father, fled the country. Her daughter, Esther Maria, remained in Russia. Olga Litvinenko claims that her high-ranking father has kidnapped his granddaughter and is now passed for his daughter. All attempts by Olga to return the child are unsuccessful, as her father claims that unknown persons kidnapped herself Olga: in Russia, for this reason a criminal case. Radio Liberty told about this story in the publications of the "Unloved daughter of a friend of Putin" and "My father's shadow Putin's cashier" and "wedding cottage". In particular, Olga Litvinenko claims that her father is the real author of the dissertation "Strategic planning of reproduction of mineral-raw base of region in conditions of formation of market relations" which Vladimir Putin, at that time the Deputy Manager of the Russian President, defended at the Mining Institute, now the University, which is headed by Vladimir Litvinenko. In 2006, researchers at the Brookings institution in Washington, found in Putin's dissertation plagiarism: 16 of 20 pages, which starts the key part of Putin's work were either copied or rewritten with minimal changes from the book "Strategic planning and policy" University of Pittsburgh professors William king and David Cleland, published in 1979, and in 1982, translated into Russian language. Six charts and graphs from the work of Putin's almost identical to the us. Despite all these publications, Olga Litvinenko fails to return the daughter. Now she decided to write an open letter to a friend of his father, President Vladimir Putin. We publish a shortened version of this letter. Citizen President! I – Lytvynenko Olga Vladimirovna – the former member of Parliament of St. Petersburg, today, politician and public figure, human rights activist. I am a citizen of the Russian Federation. I am the mother of four children who were forced to fled from Russia. In light of recent events in the assigned country find it necessary to send You this open letter, relevant to the member of my family, being Your closest accomplice in strengthening the vertical of Your power and budgets of families, strung on the chain. Sure if You remember me – then still a teenage girl, which You gave a notebook with lesbijkami says “Olya with love”, which I still keep in a very hidden place on the territory of Your country. In the distant 1997, in front of the international protection of Your disgraced master's thesis, my biological father introduced me to You and told me to be friends with Your daughters. I am also sure that Your press Secretary Peskov, a citizen reported to You about my recent statements to the media that he even commented on and deeply analyzed. This is called in the civilized world, the word “plagiarism”, but in Russian language in certain circles, it's called poetic word “fufel” Recently, I read reports of the speeches of my father, the rector of Mountain University Vladimir Litvinenko, who gave me the idea that there is a strong likelihood that You, Mr President, are not sufficiently aware of the great deeds of my dad, which since 2000, entrusted You to lead Your campaign staff in our native Leningrad-St. Petersburg. His recent speech in the media with pedagogical-educational crap clearly intended to retouch your authentic appearance. Knowing full well that the echoes of these PR projects are still somehow unable to reach Your attention, and his actions in the family, so to speak, the circle will be invisible for You or for the public, he tries so absurd sketches in the press as if to show that he engaged in social-pedagogical activity, and not shameful showdown in his family. Let me quote according to the Agency REGNUM statements of the rector: "In this regard, there are those events that have recently shocked the whole country – the events in Kemerovo. ... This trouble is not accidental. You view, turn on the TV – one and the same: there searches, then someone found where the money stole, came to the project." That's why I decided to publish this open letter to let You know somehow the true essence of people around You. My bio-dad (aka – pseudo-scientific Your head, or rather the author of scientific plagiarism, disgraced Your name) really wanted to educate me in the spirit of patriotism. Apparently, to this end, he began to attract me to participate in all of its plans relating to matters of special importance. He started to do his first Patriotic duty for the Motherland by implementing the future President in the scientific world, the First such act was his personal compilation of works of foreign scientists in Your, so to speak, the master's thesis. That summer I lived together with my parents at our cottage in Beloostrov, where in the silence of the fascinating nature of the Gulf of Finland and he started to do his first Patriotic duty for the Motherland by implementing the future President in the scientific world. I helped him already: brought a paper for the copier, glue, scissors, and he even allowed me to cut from brochures marked phrase. As I learned much later, this is called in the civilized world, the word “plagiarism”, but in Russian language in certain circles, it's called poetic word “fufel”, which my dad sold to You under the guise of scientific work, and which later was the subject of an international scandal, after revelations of plagiarism foreign scholars. Recently, Your press Secretary, commented on my interview to Radio Liberty on the occasion I have described the details of the generation of Your candidate. As usual, Peskov said that all this is allegedly not the case. But we-that with You, Mr President, know this to be true. Besides, after the first historical experience of initiation to the great Affairs of state was followed by many others, leading up to the new realities in the life of the greatest teacher-the practice of all times and peoples, whom imagined themselves to be my biological dad. Having participated in several of Your, not only yours, but also gosdumovskoj-matvienkova campaign headquarters, gain there information about the difficult skills of manipulation of the votes of voters who fully mastered my dad over the years, Your "election campaign" with the people of our country, I came to the conclusion that this abomination of existence must somehow fight. Especially my findings was strengthened after the biological father tried to bring me to his multi-faceted plans in respect of theft of state property, corruption of state officials and members of power structures and illegal acquisition of the shares is very large, but foreign companies taking advantage of the fact that the rightful owners of the shares were illegally locked up in jail. After the rector Litvinenko along with your “chef” as it is called in St. Petersburg's people, Eugene Prigozhin (mine, by the way, a friend from the past of St. Petersburg life) created the notorious “trolley factory”, trying to attract me to this major, from their point of view, government work, I realized that this abomination in our country need to win the inside of Your system. Then I decided to become a Deputy of the Petersburg Parliament in order to somehow affect the current in our city the situation of General corruption, corruption, putrescence Your law enforcement agencies pursuing illegal everywhere and innocent people. But my biological father was strongly against this decision because they believed their domestic mind that my place in life is to be near him and help him, as my education and knowledge of several foreign languages was on the order above, his professors and the rector's pedagogical knowledge and business projects, which completely absorbed his mind, for him was actually a dark forest. The nearest his entourage always was cheating on him, using his narrow-mindedness, so the only person he trusted was me. To quote from his "readings", data, investigator, brado which he wrote in the same style as informers 37-year wrote false denunciations to the NKVD on their friends, neighbors and even relatives.

“My wife understood that these documents takes Olga (Yes, I took them away because my biological father myself I gave them to work, asking for help, because I work with documents and have not learned, example – Your thesis, rewritten from other people's books)... These documents can be used for blackmail against me, extort me for money, to provide information to interested parties (competitors) to those transactions, in which I participated as an expert (these opportunities are associated with the fuel and energy complex of the country, other industries, these transactions take place at the international level, the transaction amount is huge)”. I agree completely with bio-dad, it was exactly these documents and use. But I, thanks to his honesty, so they were not used, and now intends to use, but not for blackmail or even extortion (it is precisely those categories that always thinks my biological father) and to provide the General public through the media. I believe that now is the time suitable. The rector himself admits that instead of having to deal with the development of science in the assigned You, citizen President, the University entertained dubious deals with the budget including resources using this to his favor. Becoming a member of the legislative Assembly in 2007, I started to try to use his public status to real cases, to at least some change in the situation in our city. Quickly realizing that Sergei Mironov, leader of just Russia party, is exactly the same as the above-mentioned rector, muskrat established in our country mode, I refused to submit to his demands to vote in the legislative Assembly at his behest or at the behest of the "leaders" of the party "United Russia". The rector was incensed to such a degree my disobedience, I asked Mironov to put pressure on me through the party apparatus On this basis, I had another serious conflict with the rector, who was very unhappy with me, especially after my categorical refusal to participate in the so-called “work on the budget of St. Petersburg” best in this the rector of direction to him with his accomplices managed to get a significant piece of the budget pie for their private business projects. By the way, some of the names of his friends You can find in the list of owners of luxury apartments built by the rector Litvinenko luxurious house on the lands of the Mountain University at ulitsa Nakhimova, Dom 15. If Your administration will encounter any difficulties in obtaining these lists, I ask You to reject any false hesitation to contact me, I would always be glad to assist You, as the President of the Russian Federation and provide these lists to their own former neighbors at Your disposal at any time convenient for You. The rector was furious and angry to the extent of my disobedience, I asked Mironov to put pressure on me through the party, so to speak, camera. He felt somehow that the family of the COP to take out his elite 320-foot "hut" to nail, as he loved with a special enthusiasm to say, when I had to zagnobit objectionable to him – his own daughter. But he overestimated the capabilities of Mironov. As befits such ameboid actors, everything that was capable of the party leader, is to exclude me from their pseudoparticle than just me happy. He locked my daughter in her country, where just ten years ago with such enthusiasm pored of nights over Your "PhD thesis" My biological father is a business rector is understood that any of the party and the educational methods he fails to have the impact on me, and decided to apply the method, which is failed at the time to even think of the famous educator Makarenko, namely, to take a hostage quite yet my little daughter, his own granddaughter, and violent method of keeping it at the cottage in Beloostrov, Aleksandrovskoe highway d. 118, to offer me to obey his instructions and to perform in Parliament Peter all instructions puppeteers in the voting on all questions and in the exercise of my parliamentary activities as well. Such a method of educating people, as far as I know, has not been yet described in any textbook on pedagogy and, apparently, was invented by the rector of the Mining University himself, in all probability, at the same time, when he was in his scientist came up with the idea to dress up yourself and dress up all the students in uniforms, slightly resembling the shape of the SS officers during the Second world war. So, he locked my daughter in his country, where only ten years ago with such enthusiasm pored of nights over Your "PhD thesis", and ordered his secret police just not to let me on site of the cottage, allowing to use brute force against me – his daughter and a young, recently born women. The guard beat me in front of my Papa, who was watching this scene. The next time I come to the cottage father was beaten and tried to strangle me personally... that way, Mr President, our cottage in Beloostrov has evolved from a tool of creation of Your PhD thesis into a tool of violence against the person. It seemed like some horrible dream, that one person may not allow another person to his minor child At the time of the abduction of my daughter, I was still a member of Parliament SPb and using their legal rights, have made repeated attempts just to pass in my father's house, where, incidentally, lived myself and where my bio-father, unlawfully and forcibly detained my daughter. I couldn't imagine then, and it seemed like some horrible dream, that one person may not allow another person to his minor child. I couldn't believe and didn't want to believe that my own father had turned into such a beast, who, taking human form, was in the entourage of the President. I decided to go to court. The first meeting in the Central Federal court was that I won without much interference from any lawyers on my side. My dad, of course, to visit such a shameful for him, the court is not lowered and sent to his lawyer was so incompetent that she was unable somehow to object to my legitimate demands. Of course, the daddy so to leave the matter could not connect your financial and administrative resources, and following the appeal hearing has already been held so that I was not able to say anything at all. Contradicting as usual himself, the rector Litvinenko was trying to "prove" in court that I'm supposedly not a very caring mother. But before that, the same one my dad was talking about how I take care of my child and I provide it and contain. (Copy of the notarized testimony of father is also attached for Your citizen President, attention.) Later I was given an unambiguous threat through the security guard that my further attempts to regain his daughter are brutally suppressed and I very likely just put in a mental hospital for compulsory years of treatment there from a compulsive desire to chat with a private young daughter. This technique of struggle with political opponents as violent premises of unwanted dissidents as mentally ill in a mental hospital, as you probably know, used Your colleagues from the KGB throughout the years of the so-called Communist stagnation, and my dad, as a true patriot and admirer of Marxism-Leninism, decided to revive these traditions in your own family. By this time I had another baby, and I must say that the threat I was very strongly acted. I chose to leave led by You, Mr President, homeland and go abroad. The continuation of my story, which no doubt will be helpful to further guide our nation and to realize the level of senile "omission" of those around You sycophants of all stripes will develop on the territory of foreign countries where Your presidential power no longer has the opportunity so easily to stretch out their hands to the judicial authorities and other social institutions. In fact, starting a new life with my second young child, which I, fortunately, managed to save from the biological father, giving birth to two children, I wanted to forget about the horrific insanity created over the years of Your rule in the territory of a single country. But my biological father, Your teacher – as it is called-run corporate parties, eminent owner of the shares of PhosAgro, a dollar billionaire, has had a desire to continue to harass me and my children, even abroad, outside of Your jurisdiction.

The rector decided to fabricate a criminal case about my alleged kidnapping by unknown people Remember that as his assistant in St. Petersburg, I always told him that abroad there is no professorial status and mining sartucci will not help if you break laws or rules, even Parking rules. But if you're there swing right and yelling that you were a personal friend of Putin, as he usually did in Russia, the worse it'll be because of Putin there has long been perceived as street punks. Papa didn't believe me until one day in France in 2007, where I accompanied him, sufficiently drunk, he began to check in at the airport for safety of flight, which outraged his Patriotic nature. The indignation of the venerable scholar reached its climax when he called the employee of security service of the airport Charles-de-Gaulle "pig". This affront to the very polite young woman who faithfully execute their duties, from the drunken representative of the Russian state in a very expensive clothes (in their mining and ore Suchocka it abroad somehow shy to go) was so shameful and humiliating that our mother pretended that she was not with him, and slipped on Board the aircraft alone. I also had to resolve the conflict. Now, Papa has forgotten this truism and decided to do the kidnapping and my second child, who became a Polish citizen. In order to exclude me from lists of people living in the real world and have human rights, the rector decided to fabricate a criminal case about my alleged kidnapping. The basis for excitation of illegal criminal case number 300544 was a false statement of my bio-father about my alleged kidnapping by unknown people. All participants of this illegal manipulation was well aware that I'm a nobody and was never abducted, I was always on the phone with them, and in 2012, met in Warsaw with the investigator, breydo, showed in front of the cameras him his passport and offered to stop illegally they fabricated a criminal case. In 2014, I met at the hotel in Dresden – a city, if I may say so, You, Mr President, of military glory, with his bio-father. I specifically settled near his room and in the evening met him in the hotel hallway, when he returned to his room. He ran away from me, like a cowardly rabbit, and hid in the room, I approached him with a proposal to return my daughter to me, and at the same time to retract your false accusation of SK, because he sees me with her eyes, no one kidnapped and are in good health, with my third daughter, another granddaughter of his, which wanted to introduce for the first time in his life. But he ran away from me, like a cowardly rabbit, and hid in the room. The absurdity of the situation, which was created by my father, kidnapped my daughter and illegally having me abducted, does not fit into any framework from the point of view of any sane person! I pay child support the official dollar billionaire from the list "Forbs" on the content they kidnapped my daughter Even more absurd, it is possible to reason only in your country – is that, despite the obviously illegal illegal excitation of criminal case about my alleged kidnapping, which was extended arbitrarily infinite number of times and is in the extended condition so far, despite our telephone conversations with the investigator, breydo, there is also the decision of the magistrates court room 20 in civil case number 2 – 1098/11-20 alimony from his mother, that is with me. In fact, it turns out that I'm paying child support the official dollar billionaire from the list "Forbs" on the content they kidnapped my daughter. I, as a law-abiding citizen of my country, fulfill the court's decision, although I think it obviously unjust and are not able to appeal because the courts on the President, the homeland has become over the last 18 years almost completely corrupted by the animals, with billions of dollars in their pockets. That is led by You, Mr President, the state called the Russia is quite legitimate and important normal to collect child support from the man in the stolen status in accordance with pending criminal case. That is, instead of looking for me and to save from any alleged kidnappers, law enforcement system Your state is collecting from me alimony for maintenance of my child that I really was kidnapped and held illegally in the very country where the kidnapper of my daughter, my father and Your supervisor, manufactured for You thesis. A copy of one of the receipts for payment of my child support attached. I with periodic regularity to give interviews to various publications, I can see on the forums of various organizations abroad, I appear in the court of Poland, and no one doubts the fact that no one kidnapped! In what may be the injured person, made threats to her daughter to leave the country and kidnapped her baby? But in the jurisdiction led by You, Mr President, the name of the state Federation, I have the status of stolen, and my dad – the status of a victim in a criminal case 300544, as if he had stolen any thing. In what may be the injured person, made threats to her daughter to leave the country and kidnapped her baby? In the complete absence of common sense, and no more. So according to this fact and it would be necessary to initiate a criminal case on the fact of the disappearance of the mind of the rector of the Mining University. And that's the basis for the institution of such things as times and could serve as his denunciation in the UK, after reading that, You, Mr President, and Your colleagues from the KGB for a long time would have laughed at the rhetoric of Your supervisor. Still in production of the Lieutenant Braida false criminal case about my alleged kidnapping. The reason for the existence of the absolutely incompetent and ridiculous case lies only in the fact that it is about a criminal case is still in the jurisdiction of Your country. Nevertheless, there is every reason to believe that to change the jurisdiction of the Strasbourg is quite a unproblematic. Colonel brado does not want to come to talk with me in the territory of any of the Western countries. I periodically call on his cell phone, and every time he comes up with some reason not to come and interrogate me in the presence of foreign prosecutors. I myself can't come to Russia, although very want. My dad ordered the fabrication of another false court decisions about cancellation of my Russian passport! This is a separate, quite long and interesting story, and I will attract even a few minutes of Your presidential attention to this part of my story. So, when my previous Russian passport ended, I after a while, as a law-abiding Russian citizen, addressed to the Embassy of the Russian Federation on nearby to my presence the then territory of a foreign state. In that moment, in 2017, it was the Russian Embassy in Madrid. I personally came to the Embassy, showed my expired foreign and internal Russian passport, which was identified by my personality, and applied to exchange the expired period of validity of the passport for a new one. The Embassy took all my documents and after the prescribed period I got my hands on a new Russian passport. My dad found out about it, and Vasileostrovsky court issued an absolutely unjust decision on the annulment of my passport. Thus he deprived me of the ability to legally enter the territory of mine and yours, Mr President, to the Motherland. Later I learned that the Deputy of the state Duma of the Russian Federation E. Marchenko, apparently, still experiencing my refusal to become his bride, made a parliamentary inquiry to the foreign Ministry with a request to inform him what action was punitive in nature was taken against employees of the Russian Embassy in Spain, who issued me the passport. In response to this absurd request, a reply was received from the Russian foreign Ministry that there were no irregularities in issuing me a new passport with the Embassy staff had been committed, the person my have been identified in full compliance with the established procedure, documents checked, and the passport was issued legally. For Your information a copy of the request of the Deputy Marchenko, who apparently are no more important public Affairs in your State Duma for myself can not find, and a copy of this response to the Deputy of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation attached. This ends my first open letter in Your address, Mr President, and I promise to continue this tradition I started with the frequency that will be given to my bio-dad and Your teacher at the same time newsworthy. Also using this opportunity to appeal to You with a request to give instructions to restore my Russian passport, issued 16.02.2017 Embassy of Russia in Spain.

I also encourage You to think next time the question about the possibility of approval of the candidates for the position of judges, such as those that adopted a manifestly unjust decision to annul legally issued me a Russian passport. After all, if every appointed judge character will lose the right and left of Your own population, unreasonably and knowingly illegally depriving them of passports and thereby the right to enter their native country with You, then who will be our inherent Russian people to improve day-to-day GDP of our country and sharpen the hardness of its state apparatus, whose activities are directed exclusively towards the interests of one percent of its population, has an opportunity at Your highest blessing to cling to natural resources, which, with such inexhaustible energy to take care of my Papa – rector Litvinenko, Your supervisor, writing Your PhD thesis and compile it on state a Photocopying apparatus under the canopy of birches and pines of the Gulf? The citizen of the Russian Federation Olga Litvinenko