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Considered whether the departure from the yard the intersection?

Question - answer - Legal advice 11.05.2018 at 05:02

Question - answer - Legal advice

The end of may 2018, the Supreme court will consider the claim of the inhabitant

of Voronezh, which requires to recognize the term "intersection" is partially

non-functional. The woman insisted that any departure from the yard or Park

is the intersection, after which signs


So she wants to challenge your fine imposed on her in the past

year for Parking by the prohibitory sign on a city street. She

opinion, it is parked properly, so through the intersection, and

are not a departure from the surrounding areas, as specified in the penalty decision.

the Woman filed a lawsuit in the Supreme court of the Russian Federation and asks to recognize the PDD partly not

relevant to the Vienna Convention on road traffic from 1968.

According to the Vienna Convention, the intersection of any roads are

the intersection. In Russian traffic rules, such a definition does not

applies to departures from adjoining territories.