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Latvia broke into the zone playoffs, the first time Sweden lost points

News of the KHL 12.05.2018 at 12:40

Latvians won a very important victory over Germany, the Swedes have not won in normal time watching the matches of the day at the world Cup.

the Goal of Galvins of Latvia brought important three points

Game day at the world championship began with the fundamental from the tournament point of view confrontation. Latvia and Germany are fighting for a place in the playoffs. In such cases we say that the winning teams receive six points. Perhaps that is why in the first period the spectators saw goals. The teams played with caution on own gate. And most importantly – to the very end of the segment was not deleted. The fun started in the second half. The Latvians scored three goals and won a major victory. The winning goal on account of Guntis Galvins of Riga "Dynamo". This is the third success of the Latvians on the current world Cup.

In another afternoon match met Sweden, and Slovakia. "Tre kronor" was the clear favorite before the meeting, but the team of Ricarda Grinberga not confirmed this status. Praise Dennis Everberg, who last season spent in the "Neftekhimik". He scored the first goal of Sweden in this match. Magnus, Hellberg frankly not rescued their partners, conceding three goals. Slovakia managed to get my opponent overtime, where still lost. The Swedes at the tournament, lost points.


Latvia – Germany 3:1 (0:0, 1:0, 2:1)

goals: 1-0 Canines (Balzers, Abas, 36:54) 2:0 Galvins (Indrasis, Garinish, 40:15) 3:0 Jerins (Redlihs, Freibergs, 47:54) 3:1 Kagan (Dreiseitl, Ehlis, 48:40)

goalkeepers: Merzlikin – Trostle


Slovakia – Sweden 3:4 FROM (1:2, 1:1, 1:0, 0:1)

goals: 1:0, Urco (German, Christopher, 10:32) 1:1 Everberg (Klingberg, Lindholm, 15:14) 1:2 Nyquist (Backlund, Gustafsson, 18:06) 1:3 De La rose (Kempe, Wikstrand, 24:53) 2:3 Galaga (Nagy, 36:40, me.) 3:3 Nagy (Kristof, Tchaikovsky, 46:54) 3:4 Recall (64:18, bol.)

goalkeepers: Rybar – Hellberg