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News. The star of "the Sweet life" begins cancer

Women's magazine Kleo.Ru 12.05.2018 at 13:53

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Actor and presenter Eduard Matsaberidze, known for roles in TV series "Sweet life" and "Odnoklassniki", announced full combat readiness. The artist was diagnosed with cancer, but Edward did not lose heart and "is going to kick everything I can to kick this sore!". About his illness Matsaberidze said in Instagram. According to the artist, he was going to talk about what's happening and finally decided. "I think the time has come. And the following happens. I have lymphoma, this cancer and not the kind of citrus, as I would like to believe." Edward stressed that he did not intend to stand idly by, "blowing snot out of pity and compassion for himself," although he admits that it was engaged in the first three weeks after it became known the diagnosis. Publication of ed Matsaberidze (@edmatsaberidze) May 11, 2018 7:06 PDT But now the artist set up in combat: "It's time to kick some ass, this is the case if it is cancer, if not, you will have to kick everything to kick this sore!!! Why all this to make you happy. First: Maybe I can convince you to have a blood test every six months and once a year to do x-rays!. Second: Hm, but (why) not?". We wish Eduardo victory and a speedy recovery!

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