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They followed Hitler. The story of one coalition (movie 2 of 2) (2018) IPTVRip

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From the first hours of the attack on the Soviet Union, Germany was not one, on the same day we declared war on Italy, Slovakia and Croatia. Three million German soldiers soon joined by 500 thousand allies from all over Europe. All the occupied countries and the allies gave Hitler military support.

In modern textbooks of the history of Germany's allies call a little dismissive of the "satellites". Still many even in our country, making excuses for the Europeans to say they themselves were occupied and could not resist the steel grip of Hitler. And what was it really?

at the outset of the war the soldiers of the two Romanian armies fought shoulder to shoulder with the Germans. Romanian oil was filled in the tanks of the Wehrmacht, this country became the most important ally of Hitler in the Russian campaign. The Germans didn't ask Hungarians to participate in the war with Russia on their side, the Hungarian leadership thought well if Slovakia and Romania entered the war, then they should not remain on the sidelines.