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Hi-Tech / Internet

Weekly compilation of beautiful effects in CSS/SVG/JS #78

Css-live - Severstal your world! 12.05.2018 at 21:06

Community that speaks the languages of HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Selection of fresh effects, interesting ideas and useful suggestions. WebGL-slider with distortion

Technology: CSS animation, Three.js, jQuery.js, Tweenmax.js.

Author: Al Thornton (@ashthornton)

See live example

Animation buttons alignment

Technology: CSS, jQuery.js, Tweenmax.js.

Author: Valery Alikin (@AlikinVV)

See live example

the gallery

Technology: CSS, CSS transforms, Photoswipe.js, lazysizes.js.

Author: Michal Nivicola (@mican)

See live example

Create.js + Oreo

Technology: canvas, create.js.

Author: Sebastian DeRussy (@derossi_s)

See live example

the Icons of the Avengers

Technology: CSS clip-path, JS.

Author: Jhey (@jh3y)

See live example

Chronological tape Technology: SVG, CSS, JS.

Author: Steve Gardner (@steveg3003)

See live example

the Infinity Gauntlet

Technology: CSS, CSS gradients, CSS animations, CSS transforms.

Author: John Kantner (@jkantner)

See live example

Animation menu social networking

Technology: CSS, CSS transforms, JS.

Author: Jose Rosario (@JoseRosario)

See live example

Animation moose

Technology: CSS, CSS animation.

Author: hankuro (@hankuro)

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Animated pattern on the CSS how they can be harmonized

Technology: CSS, CSS grids, CSS variables.

Author: Miriam Suzanne (@mirisuzanne)

See live example

Wishes and ideas for next releases are welcome in the comments.