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Music news : 11.05.2018 at 14:00

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"Sham Pain", novoe video gruppi FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH, dostupno dlya prosmotra nizhe. Etot trek vzyat iz alboma "And Justice For None", vihod kotorogo zaplanirovan na 18 maya.

Trek-list "And Justice For None" (standard album):

01. Fake

02. Top Of The World

03. Sham Pain

04. Blue On Black

05. Fire In The Hole

06. I Refuse

07. It Doesn't Matter

08. When The Seasons Change

09. Stuck In My Ways

10. Rock Bottom

11. Gone Away

12. Bloody

13. Will The Sun Ever Rise

"And Justice For None" (deluxe album):

01. Trouble (Bonus Track)

02. Fake

03. Top Of The World

04. Sham Pain

05. Blue On Black

06. Fire In The Hole

07. I Refuse

08. It Doesn't Matter

09. When The Seasons Change

10. Stuck In My Ways

11. Rock Bottom

12. Gone Away

13. Bloody

14. Will The Sun Ever Rise

15. Bad Seed (Bonus Track)

16. Save Your Breath (Bonus Track) #Five_Finger_Death_Punch #FiveFingerDeathPunch #AlternativeMetal #Alternative_Metal #HeavyMetal #Heavy_Metal #NuMetal #Nu_Metal

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