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The people of Germany suffered from a huge and aggressive mosquitoes

NEWS PLANET 11.05.2018 at 18:57

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Man named Thomas hawk is experiencing conflicting feelings regarding owning a home, located in the forest in Angermunde (North of düsseldorf). Man this year do not go outside for one simple reason: his “bite” aggressive mosquitoes of enormous dimensions. Last year the insects were not so many, but this year their darkness. Actively dealing with mosquitoes, residents of the Northern part of düsseldorf and South of Duisburg.

Specialist Karl-Heinz Jelinek personally encountered with the mosquitoes. According to him, the number of mosquitoes is large, but trends to further reproduction no.

the Excessive proliferation of insects is due to favorable weather conditions (warm weather rain). In addition, in these areas, there are reservoirs and is a key factor of the active insect bloodsuckers.

Thus, the situation in düsseldorf and Duisburg is not abnormal, it is quite natural.