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Alien base or asteroid in Antarctica discovered a 300-kilometer metallic object

NEWS PLANET 12.05.2018 at 09:17

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Strange object was recorded by satellites, when I was flying over Antarctica: one of the devices caught the gravitational momentum, coming, apparently, from "Wilkes Land".

a Group of scientists from Ohio state University, led by Ralph von Presom, found that the territory has a gigantic crater. Under the ground in the center of the crater, according to experts, there is a metal object of a decent size: 300 kilometers in width and 848 meters in depth.

for a Long time scientists wondered what it could be. In the end, all agreed that under the ice is kept the giant asteroid. To study the object while it is not possible, and scientists are reluctant to touch it (afraid of something, judging by their comments).

Some conspiracy theorists believe that the Antarctica is hiding a flying alien craft, it is also the base of aliens.