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Around the world frogs are dying EN masse

NEWS PLANET 12.05.2018 at 18:10

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Scientists have discovered a fungus parasite, which killed frogs in East Asia. It is noteworthy that spores of the fungus are actively distributed worldwide by traders, thus they are killing amphibians all over the planet.

this is the fungus Chytrid Fungus, it slowly kills many species of amphibians at the same time on two continents since 1970. Once in the body the fungus develops rapidly and eats the flesh of a frog.

a Long time, experts couldn't understand, where did the deadly fungus. Find out the truth could only group of scientists who were experts from Imperial College London and James cook University. Experts were able to trace the ancestor of the microorganism which was found in East Asia.

Later scholars have determined that the international trade of frogs contribute to the spread of fungus to other areas. It is possible that in time Chytrid Fungus will take over the continents, where there will be favorable conditions for development.