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In California began glowing ocean

NEWS PLANET 13.05.2018 at 09:18

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Photographers from all over California come to the beach to catch the amazing blue glow of the Pacific ocean, which is caused by the rapid growth of bioluminescent algae.

the phenomenon occurs annually along the coast of southern California, and this, for a moment, a portion of the length of 25 kilometers. As noted by James Sullivan, a specialist from the Oceanic Institute Harbor Branch, this year's algae bloom is especially violent, which can not fail to attract the attention of both scientists and ordinary citizens.

Generally, the red tide (also known as the phenomenon) lasts a few weeks, although there were occasions when the ocean did not cease to glow a month. This year the luminescence caused by dinoflagellates, in particular, Lingulodinium polyedra. The water acquires a distinctive shade when a large number of microorganisms are concentrated in one place. Any movement of water, even minor, leads to the beginning of this light show.

it Should be noted that red tides are fraught with danger: algae secrete large amounts of toxins, excess of which can kill all the fish. From contaminated fish and shellfish, in turn, affects marine animals, like sea lions. Moreover, the toxins can be a problem in people who eat seafood.