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Paper comics. "The Justice League. Book 7: The War Of Darkseid. Part 2" George. Jones The article 11.05.2018 at 09:42

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After the death of Darkseid Superman became a God of Power, and Batman is the God of Knowledge, but it is rather bad than good... And then there's the Grail of the Anti-life Equation took hold and away we go!..

Since then, as people learned about the existence of the gods, all the time they were interested in one question: can gods die? {...}

When a God dies... What happens after his death?

"the Darkseid War" for the "Justice League" - "the infinity War" "Avengers": a hard fight with minimal chances of the victory of Good (against the devil, "ruling among the stars', whose soul consisted of darkness and poison", if ever he was!). Another thing that invented and tricky to untangle all the knots on the fly is difficult; and the likelihood that this book will ever turn into a movie today, not too big.

the Main highlight of the new volume - the final articulation of the "DC Universe" with the Greek (or any other) mythology. Based on the assumption that "Gods are not born every day. Sometimes they are", Jeff Jones turned superheroes ... of the gods, and between them there is a difference.

"the Death of Darkseid seemed to have left a dent in the universe, and it seeks to fill it at any cost", so Superman has turned into a God of Power, Batman is the God of Knowledge, Flash God of Death, Green Lantern is a God of Light, Shazam the God of Gods. Even Lex Luthor now - God Apokolips, but it is unlikely to lead to something good...

, Born of new gods and there are new challenges.

Turn the graphic novel "Justice League. Book 7: The War Of Darkseid. Part 2"

- we Have a problem.

- What?

- Superman.

- He's in trouble?

- No. He is in trouble.

meanwhile, the Grail, daughter hated Darkseid and Myrina, the greatest assassin of the Amazons, get destined "for destruction on a universal scale" Anti-life Equation, tamed that "it is possible to control the minds of all living beings in the universe."

Is the most powerful force in the universe, mom. And now it's ours. The Anti-life equation belongs to us. A weapon that can destroy everything.

- the Anti-life Equation? Is he the one you were looking for? But why?

- Because death is too lenient a punishment for Darkseid.

And then returns to battle the Anti-Monitor, hungry for only one thing: "to Destroy us all. This is the meaning of his existence"...

I'm not very excited about it, but to survive... the Justice League and Crime Syndicate must fight together.

Turn the graphic novel "Justice League. Book 7: The War Of Darkseid. Part 2"

And all of this is just the beginning of the story, about which once again can say: comics ceased to be "children's reading".

the completion of "the Darkseid War" - a complex battle field, and arrows, he started to move even in the last book as much in advance.

Each of the many characters here sooner or later faces a choice, most often fatal, and certainly - fatal or decisive.

Here are justified (at least partly) some villains, and put into question the validity is unquestioned, it would seem that authority.

And the fight escalated to such an extent that radically changing even the language - at least as part of the threat:

You destroyed everything I had. My world. My city. People who worshipped me. {...} I'll burn out your eyes, rip your tongue out and pull your guts out.

the Cover of the graphic novel "Justice League. Book 7: The War Of Darkseid. Part 2"

At the end, as if "the last battle" Jeff Jones gives to get a few new story sprouts, clearly hinting that the Universe is waiting for many more monumental upheavals.