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In theaters the film was released Khabensky "Sobibor"

Entertainment 14.05.2018 at 01:10

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Photo: a frame from the video

the Premiere of the film took place in the headquarters of UN in new York, which was attended by the Director himself. According to him, the theme of Nazism and the genocide will always be relevant. "We see that people hate and kill each other for the "wrong" language, religion, skin color, eye shape. Nazism — the ultimate degree of condensation of evil, resistance to this absolute evil begets unparalleled heroism. Of these characters was Alexander Pechersky," — said the actor.

In particular, the viewer will be able to see the film thanks to VTB Bank, which annually supports major projects in the field of culture and film industry. "The release of the film "Sobibor," which tells the true story about the power of the human spirit and resistance to Nazism — the most important event, especially on the eve of Victory Day", — said Vice-President of JSC Bank VTB Alexander Erofeev.

the Main role in the movie played by the actor himself. Other roles in the film played by Christopher Lambert, best known for the films "Highlander" and "Mortal Kombat", Mikhalina Olshansky ("Matilda"), Philip Reinhardt ("Stalingrad","the Groom"), Maria Kozhevnikova ("Battalion") and others.