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Harmful nutrition tips

ARTICLES | Classdiet 12.05.2018 at 16:14

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In recent years, too many different tips about nutrition. Among them, there are of course reasonable, but there are about.

Here are some of them:

1. "The main thing — to observe a low calorie and lose weight."

Hence the "chocolate" and the like mono.

This is absolutely wrong and dangerous for the body. The quality of food is equally important as the quantity. We must receive all necessary substances in order to be healthy.

2. If I do sports, then you can eat whatever you want and will not recover."

a Healthy life includes an active lifestyle, regular exercise and also proper nutrition.

exercise to improve that then negate the harmful food.

for Example, you actively worked in the gym, and then ate cake and drank his coke. With this diet, the calorie intake is likely to exceed their consumption.

it is Better to follow a proper balanced diet and reap the fruits of their efforts work at the gym.

3. "If it helped a friend or a famous personality, and I will have the same result".

Every person is different. We all have different genetics, health status, physical data. This means that food should be different. There are, of course, the General principles of good nutrition, but all necessary individualny approach.

4. "You have to drink a lot of juices is very helpful."

is Useful but not very. Juices contain vitamins, and that's a plus. But they lack fiber, and they quickly increase the level of glucose in the blood. Therefore it is better to eat more vegetables and fruits, which enrich the body with these vitamins, and also dietary fibers, which are so essential for us. A juice drink, but in moderation.

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