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the Reality is that any successful product needs to understand to be able to predict and respond to the new needs of their audience. And even more — to set new trends. This inevitably imposes obligations on the engineering team involved in product development: engineers need constantly to take to the grocery process, and conduct all sorts of experiments while keeping efficiency at a high level.

We Badoo relatively small forces (on my team of 30 people) monthly deploym of the order of hundreds of new high-demand features, while not losing the quality of code, scheduling, and support. How we manage to stay ahead of the game and how we have constructed the collaboration engineering team with food, I'll tell you in this article.

I am Sure that our experience will be interesting and other companies. And we hope that the approach that we have developed through trial and permanent improvements to someone will really help (and, ideally, save time and effort in building processes and will give the desired result).

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