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The heating of private houses with their own hands from A to z - educational video tutorial

Download free 13.05.2018 at 22:24

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The Course consists of a textbook, the information is not in text form, and video tutorials. This method is chosen because it allows a quick train Assembly work. The process of installation of the heating system is quite simple, you need to see once to start to turn it into reality.

in the same way learn and the installers come to work. During the week inexperienced trainee becomes a professional, and this is not surprising, arranged in any profession, especially the profession of installer of heating systems. The only question is, who will show how everything should happen.

this Video reveals all these secrets with reviews and details. The course is designed for people with no experience in plumbing work, but who want to learn this topic backwards and forwards.

the course contains years of experience of professional installers involved in the heating of country houses more than 20 years.

the course has all the necessary information required for the installation of the heating system a country house.